Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Customer Service Was "Classic" at Lays - Super Salty Chips

I had another first today for my nearly 50 years. I called a corporate number to talk with them about their product.

I bought some potato chips a few weeks back. One store was having a sale on them and they were $1.77 a bag if you purchased three at a time. There was a six bag limit at that price but I can't imagine needing more than six bags but we like them in soup and with yogurt and Princess had friends over this week and so we already have nearly finished three of the bags in just over a week.

When I opened the first bag, I thought it was quite salty but by the time I got some from the bottom of the bag, it was really salty.

Princess Five tried some later and said, "Wow, these chips are really salty!" on her own without me saying anything. I figured it was just that bag so we went on to the second bag, it was just as salty. She had friends over and we finished off another bag. When I made the video, I had forgotten her drama party she hosted which explained the second bag.

Yesterday, I opened a third bag. It was so salty. I figured I had already thrown out two bags so I couldn't do much about them but since they have a "customer satisfaction" number right there on the top of the bag, I figured I would make a call.

Today, I called the company. There was a two minute wait to speak with someone but for such a large corporation, I didn't think it was a big deal. The woman I spoke with was very polite and official sounding. She asked me for the two rows of numbers just below the expiration date. The expiration date and the upc number as well as questions if there were salt crystals on the chips that were visible.

I couldn't see any salt crystals but it tasted like it was sprayed on the chips or something. I don't think if I hadn't bought 6 bags at once, it would have been an issue but five of the bags were from the same factory and batch.

I asked her if she wanted me to return the unopened bags? She at first told me she could only send me coupons for the opened bags, I asked what I should do for the other bags in case she wanted me to open them and see if they are super salty as well. She told me that if I returned them, they would just point me in the direction of customer service by calling them as well so she said she would just send me coupons for six bags.

I thought it was great! I have never called corporate or customer service on a food item like that. I usually just take it back to the store. I probably would have done that had I not had pneumonia this past week and haven't left the house if I didn't have to so it was partly circumstance of my life that I called today. 

I was impressed with how quickly and kindly Lays dealt with my issue and how they resolved the issue. I would suggest if you have an issue with a food, try calling the corporation rather than taking it back to the store, they will be the one with power to resolve it. It also saved me having to remember to take them back to the store and I wouldn't have gotten compensation for the salty bags. All in all, it was a win! Have a BLESSED Day!

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