Friday, September 30, 2016

Shoulder Work - Princess Five Working Hard

About a month back, Princess Five and I were traveling and we saw a sign as we were driving. 
The sign said, "Shoulder work" and we both thought it would be cute to take a picture of her next to the sign but it was on a highway and wouldn't be safe but we talked about finding one sometime to get a picture.

I had forgotten about the sign and mentioned to Princess Five a few days back that I wanted to take some pictures of her progress as after I got back from my travels with my New Zealand family, she had a conference and so it was about two weeks since I had seen her alone at home. 

I asked her to show me her progress and my mouth dropped open when she could put her arm up over her head and out to her side quite high and behind her some. It has gotten even better in the last few days since I saw her.

I was so impressed that night that I wanted to take pictures to share. She said she wanted to do her homework first and I then got distracted and she went to bed so I didn't get the pictures I wanted.
Today, Princess Five came home from school and mentioned that she saw a "shoulder work" sign on a road in our town. She also mentioned that I forgot to take some pictures of her progress and said she would like to take some pictures of herself next to the sign. 
We got in the car and headed toward the sign and saw another sign but wanted one on the grass rather than on the side of the road so we went to one across town so that she could be on the grass as she wanted a "jumping" picture. 
Can you believe that it has been two months this week since her accident and she is finally not in pain all the time? She can let me rub and touch her shoulder and arm now. She can lift them for short times. She can't do her own hair or lift anything but the fact that she can move it in those positions is wonderful! 

She has not been as good with taking the herbs and rubbing the oils on as she is feeling better and we haven't done a poultice in weeks since I was gone and then she was gone but I shared that we need to keep doing what we were doing to continue getting such good results so we did some massage tonight and rubbed the comfrey ointment and oils on it.         

I hope you enjoyed this post on her "shoulder work!" 

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