Friday, October 28, 2016

I Am Cured - Healing Finger and Toenail Fungus in 10 Seconds a Day

I am so excited to have this day come! Many of you that read my blog have seen the horrible toenail fungus that I had for years. 

When I got the parasites and discovered that soaking in hydrogen peroxide helped, I also discovered that the soaks cured the toenail fungus. 

Then, my life got crazy with my mother living with me, her death and then Princess Five's car accident etc that I couldn't always do the soaks. That was when I started to just use a drop of "thieves" oil from young living oils under my nail each night before bed. 

Just that one thing that took about ten seconds a night cured my horrible toenail fungus! As you can see by the last video and pictures, it is nearly all the way grown out. I didn't dare wait to post the last video or blog or there wouldn't be anything to see but clearly, just by even looking at the pictures of the first, second and third videos on this blog, you can clearly see the fungus down to nearly the nail bed in the bottom video picture. 

Then, the second video, you can see the dark area which is where the fungus had grown out to and see that it is halfway healed at that point. 

Now, in the top video, you can see that there isn't much left and soon, I will have a healthy and full big toenail! I am so excited that I can finally paint my toenails again without hiding the fungus under the nail! 

I will wait until the fungus is all the way grown out and hasn't been around for a few weeks just to make sure and will then be able to paint them again. 

It has taken a VERY long time to grow out but in reality, it only took a few seconds a night and about $30 in one bottle of thieves oil. If you had a horrible infection in more than one toe, you may need more than one bottle of oil or need to do more of the peroxide soaks but one bottle worked for me! 

You can link to the first post about this here

Click here to view the second post about this. 

I am so grateful to have come across this and finally have a healthy nail again. Truly a blessing in my world as that nail just kept getting worse over the years! Feel free to ask any questions.....    

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