Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day for the Doctors - Good News

Princess Five had a busy day today. It is homecoming week at her high school and they have all sorts of dress up days this week. She dressed up like her favorite teacher today.
She also had a few Dr. appointments today. She met with the specialist and he was impressed with her range of motion and said it is looking more and more like she won't need any surgery. 

That is good new in many ways but it is taking her a long time to heal and I guess surgery would also take time to heal but I was hoping that she would be able to have surgery and then just have a few months healing but she is still looking at many months of healing. 
She said she is starting to have some feeling back in her arm where the door hit. She said the nerves started to tingle in her arm a few days back. That is also good news and the Dr. said that it can take up to a year and a half to get full feeling back. 
We also had a eye Dr. appointment today. She has a little bit of change in her prescription but for the most part is the same. 

I have wanted her to get her eyes checked since the accident since she hit her head hard and has had a large goose egg that has taken some time to heal. 
The other issue was the red blood eyes she had. She also had the glass shards in the contacts we took out so I have worried about them but wanted to wait until some healing happened to see how they were going to be after the healing. 

I worried if I had them checked out right after the accident that they would be one prescription and then as they healed, they would change. I figure the red is now all gone and the bump on the back of her head is nearly gone.   

The Dr. reassured me that her eyes are doing OK and that the change is normal for her age. All in all, it was a good news day!

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