Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Days Inn Redemption - You Get What You Get

Near the beginning of the summer, I went on a trip with some 4-H students to a National Park. On our trip, one of the places we stayed was a Days Inn. Here is a post about that stay. 

The place we stayed had me worried for safety, roaches and / or bed bugs. I had never had that experience at a Days Inn before so when I found out that I would be staying at a Days Inn in another city for another 4-H event, I was really worried. 

My worries were not necessary. When I walked into the room, I smiled. It was super clean, smelled great and I was VERY grateful this time to have a room to myself. 
Last time, I had two other women in the room with me and both snored. I had my ear plugs in, shoved them in deeper and put in a second pair and then ended up putting a pillow over my head before I could fall asleep.   
The fridge was turned on and cold and very clean. The bedding was clean and white. There was everything one would need including an iron and ironing board with a coffee maker, (not that I drink coffee) but they had free coffee and all the fixings in each room. 
The lock actually worked and was in great shape. The bathroom had a spa tub, not that I wanted a bath in a hotel but it was clean! There was a sink in the bathroom and outside which was much more hygienic. 
The breakfast was HUGELY different. They had all sorts of teas, coffee, juice, coco, fruit, fresh made waffles, toast, eggs, meats, yogurt, bagels, etc, etc. The ice machines worked.
The room didn't have the newest of fixtures or counters etc but it was clean. Someone wrote a comment about how critical I was about the post of the other Inn saying that that is how the lower class lives, but truly, I don't mind old. I just want clean and safe. 

It had a huge TV but that doesn't matter to me as I don't watch TV anyway. There were only two small things I noticed but one seems to be a problem at many hotels. 

The heater and air conditioner blows straight up into the darkening curtains and it makes it hard to cool or heat the room at night. I couldn't turn the blowers angle to try and aim it straight out rather than up so I had to have it on high both nights to keep warm as the blanket on the bed was thin. 

The other was that there were stains on the couch and the cushion was turned backwards. Neither of those caused me a problem and I am sure they probably clean the cushions regularly on the fold out couch so it wasn't a big deal. 
I shared with the manager / owner how pleased I was with his place and how clean it was. He grinned ear to ear telling me they were independently owned which explained why the one I stayed in before was so vast in difference to this one. Maybe I should write Days Inn and offer to be a secret sleeper! I could report on them all over the country!

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