Monday, October 24, 2016

My Mother Would Be SO Happy - Grandmas Jewelry Box

A few weeks back I posted about fixing up the water damage on one of my mothers jewelry armoires. 
She had two and my niece took one but no one wanted this one and I  figured I could paint it black and use it for myself. When I started working on it, I changed my mind and left it oak as I really don't care much about the color as I have oak and black in my room.

With that, I just did a bit of re-finishing on the wood similar to what I did on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Here is a link to refinishing the chest.

I had more of choice deciding where to put it over the color as I have LARGE furniture in the bedroom and didn't want to move it and don't have much options as one wall has two doors, the other wall has two windows and another wall has a door and only one wall is solid. 
I chose to put it in a corner where I could open both sides of the chest as it has lots of necklace holders on the "wings" which is nice. When I moved the item that was where I was going to put it, I found two pennies and LOTS of dust! 
I have a small jewelry box I haven't used in years. I have my jewelry packed in containers I sewed that I used to keep colored items together and make them easy to pack.

Since I haven't been traveling as much, they got stuck in different spots and I have been moving things around and for the past six months to a year, they have been in a box which isn't the best for finding what I need. 

Also, I buy lots of jewelry bags from second hand stores and I have added some pieces that I think I may like to wear and have ended up with some piles of stuff I have never worn. 
It was SUPER nice to be able to put things in the case and I found that I had three of the same / similar rings and I just didn't know it or it was such a mess with my mom living here etc, I never had time to organize or sort it so I am very happy to be having the time to get some things off my "list" and getting back to being organized. 

I found this piece my mother gave me and I pulled it out for her to wear while she lived with me. It isn't anything great and has stones missing but what I love about it and why I will always keep it is it is so my mother. It has stones glued on all over that don't belong and don't quite fit but she would find stones she liked and glue them on even though they don't match. Many times, she would chew up a red cough drop and glue on a piece to make it look like a ruby on one of the costumes she rented out from her costume rental business. She was just full of "fixes" and this piece is just her. 

I didn't get it all sorted and done because I want to go through and pull out stuff I don't want or wouldn't really wear but for now, I just threw like colors in and will do a better sort later because I am so tired, I will have to get to that another day.Yahoo for getting things off the list and for finding the two pennies! I always need reminders to Trust in God as my life is so crazy presently!

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