Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Wonderful Day - Retreat from the Crazy

I recently had the opportunity to be a driver for a 4-H camp. They had lots of kids attending and just needed drivers to get places. I willingly offered to go as I get to spend time with Princess Five and travel with no cost to me. 
This event was fun as it was near Princess Three's work. We arrived and were surprised to turn around and find Princess Three standing there. She knew we would be coming and I guess Princess Five let her know we were in town so she found us. 

She also lives and works in a small town far from any major cities so it was fun to be able to get to slow down the pace and visit with her.  

That same afternoon as I was walking Princess Three back to work, I looked down on the grass and found a quarter. I pointed to it and she said, "Of course." That weekend I found $0.42. 

After getting back to the group, I was making a call and looked up to see my niece. She worked for 4-H this past summer as an intern and was there visiting the workers. 

She had run into Princess Five and was told I was around and just as she left the building, I was finishing my call so I got to visit with her for a few minutes. It was a wonderful surprise as well. The day was full of them. 

The next day, I took a break from the classes and workshops to visit Princess Threes office and talked her into meeting us for lunch at the all you can eat buffet which was great. 

I then talked her into taking some time off and going to get the birthday present I gave her a gift card to purchase two years before. She just didn't want to spend the $60 the game would cost but I gave her a gift card to cover it and she never went to get it. 

We talked about how she could have played that game for two years and instead, the gift card sat in her wallet doing no good. The money could have taken her to five movies with treats yet could have given her hours of fun with friends. So, she let me get the game for her with the gift card while we did some other errands. 

I wish I would have had time to play it with her but I was happy to get to see her new apartment and was also happy to notice the Nintendo NES gaming system being used in the new place that I gave her for her birthday this year. Here is a post about that.

I truly enjoyed my time with two of my girls and hopefully, they enjoyed it as well.

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