Thursday, October 6, 2016

Something Must Be Done - Slowest Internet in Town

I have been paying for high speed internet for years. As you can see by my internet speed tests from three different sources, I have anything but high speed. 
I have contacted my provider over and over and they keep sending the same poor guy out to check out my house, my line, the street, my neighbors etc. 

Last year, they cut a huge hole in my backyard leaving an open and gaping hole in my back playground area to put in "new" internet and phone lines. Click here to read about that adventure.
I contacted the company a few months back again as my internet still continues to go out and I have to refresh my internet several times a day if it is raining or has rained or someone watered their grass, or it snows, or the snow is melting etc. 
They told me they would send a repair man out again. I told them that the guy has NO idea how to fix it or what to do but she insisted that she write up a work order. He never came..... 

I had actually called her to get a refund for all the years of paying for high speed internet only to get SLOW internet! When I spoke to them about it last year, they told me that with the new line going in, I should get faster internet and that they would "refund" me when the problem was fixed...... 
I think they just keep sending the guy out so they don't have to refund me anything. The problem is, he won't come out anymore and the problem obviously IS NOT fixed! 
Princess Three sent me some information on another cable company internet that has a great deal and I really think I may try it as truly I don't think anything could be worse than what I have. It takes me three hours to upload a simple video of 5 minutes. 

I write in my journal while I upload the pictures for my blog every night as it takes so long to upload them. I have just gotten used to the slowness of my internet. Today was horrible as I couldn't get online most of the day and am to the point I want more.... 

Visiting Princess One last month my video uploaded in less than a minute and my mouth dropped open in awe as it would have taken hours at my house. I will have to let you know what my internet provider does when I ask for a refund for my slow internet...... Should be interesting.      

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