Friday, December 4, 2015

Curing Toenail Fungus Using Hydrogen Peroxide

With the parasite issues I have been having, I have been soaking my feet in hydrogen peroxide. If you haven't read my blog posts about that, you can search and find those posts by typing "parasite" in the search box at the bottom of the home page. 

With soaking my feet in the peroxide, I had a fun unexpected discovery. The hydrogen peroxide soaks have been healing my toenail fungus! I basically soaked my feet twice in a week and then my toenail started to grow out pink and healthy. 

The two soaks were about a month ago. I think what really helped was that I took off my fingernail polish. I always have them painted due to the fungus but I took off the polish and then soaked them and it seemed to make all the difference. If you have a fungus, take off any polish you may have on the nail BEFORE soaking them. 

The polish seems to keep the peroxide from reaching into the pours of the nail. I have soaked my feet before but until I took of the nail polish, it didn't seem to heal the nail. 

I will keep the toes unpolished as I continue to soak them until the nail has completely grown out. You can see clearly though that the base of the nail is now healthy. I am very excited that it seems to be growing out just fine without fungus at the base since the soak about a month ago so I think the key was taking off the polish and soaking it several times in a few days.

Basically, I use the same peroxide each time and just pour it back into the bottle. I also write "Feet" on the lid so I know not to use that peroxide for anything else. I also keep it under the sink where no one would use it. I use old bread pans to soak my feet as they are about the right size. I have long feet so I wish they were a bit longer but they work as a foot soak would take lots of peroxide and is harder to set up or clean up so they work for me. 

If you just need to soak your toe, any container could work and I soak mine for about 30-45 minutes each time. I just watch a show or something while I soak them. 

Be careful NOT to get the peroxide on carpet or wood as it can bleach items. I do it on a towel and sometimes even use bags inside the pans if I need to be over carpet as I soak them. I sometimes soak while I am writing my blog. 

I hope the pictures show clearly the pink nail regrowth and that the video explains most of the stuff. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

It is nice that I can cure this in the winter when I wouldn't need my toes painted anyway. I will try to add an update to this post when my nail is grown out completely.

UPDATE #1 ******* January 6, 2016

I have soaked my feet only twice since the original post but I wanted to show the healthy growth the nail is having from the original soaks. You can clearly see that the nail color is better, the base is now pink and healthier looking and what you can't see unless you enlarge one of the photos is that there is pink healthy skin on the right side of the nail! It is healing not just from the bottom up but the sides in.
In the second picture here, you can kinda see the healthy tissue on the right of the nail. I had the flash on so the nail glares with the flash so you can't see the healthy base as well in the second photo but I wanted to show you the side growing in healing. 

I will try to show you more update photos as it grows out. 


  1. Hello,
    What has truly worked for the parasites?

    1. Hello Unknown... I have not posted your comment because I can't tell you what has truly worked because nothing in the country has worked. I have been trying to get the makers of Vermox to do a study with my Dr. to allow me to experiment taking it on for a few days and off, allowing the eggs to hatch, then on and then off so it will kill off the eggs that hatch after the adults die leaving their eggs to hatch which caused the hyper infection that I have. My Dr. wanted to try two months of Vermox straight but that would kill my liver and once I stop taking it, I think then the eggs will hatch. Similar to thread worm, they go into a cyst type state until conditions are better and then hatch again. I think and "on again off again" approach may work better but who knows as none of the prescription or over the counter anti parasite medication in the U.S. has worked so far. At some point, it will get wide spread enough that science will catch up. I just hope I can keep them down long enough to be here when they do catch up. There is some relief with some of the items I have shared about in my blog but none have touched it like the Vermox did when I first took it. Sorry I don't have a better answer for you as I get people writing me weekly with the same symptoms all around the world.

  2. Hi. Do you dilute the peroxide? If so what proportion please

    1. I used 3% over the counter bought at walmart hydrogen peroxide. However, once you soak it a few times and clean out under the nail, I found a better way that takes only seconds a night. Here is my final video. "Thieves" oil by young living you can purchase online or through their site. Best wishes.