Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mr. Mouth, Mr. Mouth - Feed Me Tejae, Feed Me All Night Long

I was shopping the other day in a second hand store district and didn't find anything interesting and was about to pass on by, but then, there was a total eclipse of the sun. I heard a strange noise and followed it to a strange and interesting game on the shelf. I could have sworn the game wasn't there before when I looked, but they sold it to me anyway.... It was a bit more than $1.95 but well worth it.

Of course there wasn't a total eclipse of the sun but a big green head that is screaming "feed me" as it opens and closes its head calls for references to "Little Shop of Horrors."  

In reality, I have never seen a "Mr. Mouth" game at a second hand store. And, I didn't remember until just now that there were TWO version of Mr. Mouth. My family owned the first version of the game that wasn't a frog. It was just a big head. Here is a link to the old commercial video which was the game we had when I was little. 
A few years later, I think perhaps the original head was a bit scary so they turned it into a frog and you feed him flies instead of tokens and they had little kids playing verses the older kids and parents in the first commercial. Truly though, I think it is a fun game for kids of any age. 

I have collected some really fun old games that I played with as a child so I can play them with my grandchildren and my girls. We got rid of nearly 80 games in the past few months as many were games we never played or tried once and didn't like them. We seem to go back to the standard games or the very newest games. 

Obviously we like playing games together when we have gatherings but many I had were couples games and don't have the best memories for me so I cleaned out all but the ones we really enjoy playing and I have about 15 old games that were fun as a child that are classics like old school "Cooties" and "Million Dollar Man" etc. I shared about a fun game I bought called "hoopla" recently that everyone enjoys playing. I think Princess Five likes having someone else around recently to play with us as it can be boring only having mom to play games with but as you can see from the two videos I took of this that we had fun playing the games. 

The game I found at the thrift shop is the newer of the versions. Here is a link to the newer commercial for this that I referenced in the first video.  I mention the song in the commercial "Mr. Mouth, Mr. Mouth" with a deep voice singing the jingle.

I brought the game home and told the girls we would play it but then stuff came up and we kept putting it off as we were not home at the same time. The other night was the first time we had to play it together and the girls were better at it than I was but we did notice that there was a little angle to one or more of the hands from being squished at some point but I found if I held the "hand" to one side, I could make it go in but it did take some practice. 

It got a little more competitive as we went along but we started to make up new games like who could get the most in on one try with each fly. Or, who could get the most in the least rotations. Or, who could get all in the quickest with as many tries as needed. It seemed like the more fun one for the girls was who could flip the most in on one flip. I think they got up to six flies in one flip. 

There are only 9 or 10 flies for each color so if you get six in on one shot, it makes for a short game but I thought it would be really fun to have a bowl of candy or treats so that you could give "prizes" for the most flips on a side open, most flies in one flip, all the flies in less than a minute, etc, etc. etc. 

I loved when I saw that Princess Four opened her mouth when I took the picture above because she looks just like the kid on the front cover of the box! I laughed out loud when I saw that. Scroll to the top and you can see it is true. Then, when she won because she is just "that good" she did this little victory dance. So funny. 

In the first video, near the end, you can hear Princess Five saying that the game was a "fun game" and both girls gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up. Tough crowd here usually but they really enjoyed this game and I can see my cute grand children really enjoying playing this game at "grammies" as the girls have taught Grand Princess to call me.  

I suggest if you find this game, buy it. Even if you only play it a few times, it is worth it as it is fun for all ages! 

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