Friday, October 7, 2016

This Is Halloween, This Is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

I have shared in the past how I used to throw Halloween parties every year. I LOVED Halloween and Christmas. During my divorce, I was so stressed and busy that I no longer wanted to deal with decorating or cleaning up the decorations. 
The younger two girls that were so young during the divorce have never seen or remember any of my decorations. In my marriage, decorations were a source of contention and I think that bringing out those decorations that reminded me of fights was just one thing I didn't want to remember. 
That wasn't fair to the kids so a few years back, I made some cute decorations with Princess Five. She and I have really enjoyed gathering fun decorations that are new to both of us and making them together and bringing us enjoyable memories of Halloweens so that she doesn't hate the holiday. 

She used to ask my why other people had decorations and we didn't. I can't give her back those holidays of her youth but I can try to make this last one living at home enjoyable. 
Princess Four is home getting ready for her mission and she hasn't seen the decorations we made as they are down by Thanksgiving when they come home so she enjoyed helping up set them up and commented on how cute it was seeing her sister set out the table with all the potions etc. 

The one thing she didn't like was the talking head I bought at a second hand store during the year. I LOVE IT! She thought it was scary and creepy and you can see by her face she wasn't wanting to get too close to it. 

I laugh so hard every time I listen to it. It has two settings. The first, is motion sensored and has some corny Halloween jokes. I LOVE the scary laugh. The voice reminds me of the haunted house at Disney. SO funny. 

The second setting is my favorite! It has a microphone and when you put the microphone up to your mouth, the lights and face light up. 

When you open your mouth, I don't know how it knows but his mouth opens when you speak! I can't figure it out but it is the cooolest thing! I can see having lots of fun hiding and having the head say a kids name when they come to the door etc. So fun! 

Still enjoying the holiday and every time I walk into one of the rooms, I LOVE it and there are no negative memories with any of the items and I get a smile on my face thinking of how cute Princess Five is in decorating and how much fun we have had collecting potions and jars. I think it is something she will always enjoy with a good memory! 

Here is a post about decorating for the first time in ten years. 

Here is one after that in 2013 where I put up $10 in dollar store decorations.  

Here is one for the following year 2014 where we started to collect a few more decorations. 

Here is part 1 of how we made the potions, bottles, fillings etc. There are four parts you can search at the bottom search box by typing in "potions" and they will all come up. You can see that our collection has improved and modified as we find cute things to add or replace something we have been using. It has been a fun hoby for us to enjoy together.     

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