Friday, October 21, 2016

Thank You Hugh O'Brian - RIP

It amazes me how at one point in life, you can have an experience of meeting someone and having some type of exchange. Then, many years later, that person can do something that impacts your life.
My mother was a national beauty queen. She traveled the world and met many famous people. One of the famous people she met was Hugh O'Brian. 

Hugh played the character "Wyatt Earp" on television for many years. He was very famous for the time and decided to do some traveling. 

He traveled and met a man that changed his life. He met Dr. Albert Schweitzer and that exchange changed his life. Meeting him gave Hugh direction and a mission. Hugh decided to change young lives through leadership camps for Jr.'s in High School. 

Nearly all of my girls went to HOBY their Jr. year and several were able to go back as Jr. Staff the following year and help out.
Princess Four took advantage of their scholarship opportunity and got a $10,000 scholarship out of it. Here is a link to her event a few years back.

Princess Four chose to do only some of the required events needed for the scholarships so she was awarded a scholarship but it wasn't one of the larger scholarships. It was actually to the college she wanted to attend so it all worked out.

I love seeing how our lives are circles and how something we do today can impact those of tomorrow in unseen ways. 

Due to Hugh's vision, millions of youth around the world participate in HOBY for 50 years now and I love that my girls have some personal ties to him through their grandmother. 
We may never know what impact Hugh has had on the world due to his generous contribution through setting up HOBY and for maintaining it for so many years.

He never had children of his own but I believe that sometimes people sacrifice having children of their own so that they can make a difference to many more through their work. I thought it was interesting that Hugh and my mother passed away within months of each other. I for one believe that when he died, my mother was there waiting to escort him into heaven with those he loved and the many people that he influenced on the earth through his kind work.

THANK YOU Hugh for your impact on the world!

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