Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All The Single Ladies - Last Minute Homecoming Date

Like I have posted about in the past few months, Princess Five's life has NOT been what she thought it would be. Nearly every situation she thought her senior year in high school would entail, has for one reason or another, fallen out of her life. 
She was asked to every dance and attended all the dances last year with no issues. This year, she didn't get asked to Homecoming. Just another thing that was different than she thought it would be. However, she has started to listen to her old mother and when things aren't going like we would like them to go, I tell her to make it how she would like it. Or, if she doesn't like how someone planned something, plan something better. If you are sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, you are the problem. I am sure she is sick of me telling her to get pro-active and plan something. 

I am so proud of her. She took it to heart and invited all the girls who didn't get asked to homecoming over to our house for a "Single Ladies" party. Some brought food, we bought pizza. A week before homecoming there were about 20 of her friends that hadn't been asked. By the actual night of homecoming, the number had diminished. A few were "set up" and a few chose to stay home and a few were asked the night before when someone found they hadn't been asked. 
They planned games and they planned on getting dressed up and heading to the dance as a group but Princess didn't want to pay to get in and go by herself so near the end of the night when those who were going to the dance left, her guy friend came over with his computer and the last few were playing video games on the big screen. 

Soon, everyone was gone but her male friend and she just looked at him and said, "let go to the dance." He said "OK" and while she got ready, he packed up his computer and she was ready within about 10 minutes and she took him home and he got ready in about 15 as his mom had to sew something for him to have something to wear and off they went. 

She came home a few hours later all smiles telling me how much fun it was to go with a friend and not have any of the stress before hand and how they all just danced and had fun. They arrived a little late and didn't have to pay to get it. They took a picture on his camera but it is a little blurry so i was glad I shot a few quickly as they headed out the door with his computer. 

It reminded me of one of the most fun dates I ever had where my date couldn't go last minute and my friend didn't have one so we called up a few friends and went with them and had one of the most fun dates of my life as we laughed and laughed until about three a.m. as we ended up at my house visiting. 

I thought how I could have felt sorry for myself that my date hadn't been able to go or given up on going altogether but sometimes those last minute dates can be the best. With friends, you don't have to be nervous, stressed, fidget before etc. She had the dress from the pageant she did. She had the shoes that I made that match the dress. (I thought I had posted on making the shoes, but like many things, I took the pictures and never posted the post so I will try to do that post tomorrow!) She was already "dolled" up for the day due to the party and the jewelry was in a bag with the hair bow that I made to match from the pageant. Truly, it couldn't have gone any better for her to go. 

The boy happened to be a 4H boy that took her out on one of her first dates. They went to Winter Ball in January. It was funny that I had my mom living with me at that time and when I saw him later with his hair all long and in his face, I didn't recognize him as the one that took her out. He then pulled his hair back and then I recognized him. Now he is someone I know and recognize either way but she always has fun as they are friends and there is no pressures.Here is a link to their first date in January.

This experience also brought me back to two years ago when Princess Four was Student Body President and found out that two boys she was friends with weren't going to prom and so she asked them the night before with her friend and they dressed up in vintage and kinda silly outfits and went and had a great time. After that night, I spoke to the school about how they need to get dates for the boys that aren't going and not just the girls and I found out that this year, they did make sure that the boys that wanted to go had senior dates. 

I am proud of my girls thinking of others and making things fun for those that may not have gotten asked or for not feeling sorry for themselves for not getting asked. I am blessed with some amazing Princesses.   

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