Tuesday, October 4, 2016

And She Wins By a Hair - Actually, It's A Tie

I am not quite sure what got into Princess Five today. She asked me sometime last week to trim her hair but things got a bit crazy like my life is and we didn't get around to it. 

Her friend at school that everyone thinks is her twin trimmed her hair recently and I think that may have been on her mind when she asked. I trim their hair regularly as it gets a bit rough on the ends and I like it to look neat and healthy so we trim off the rough edges to give it a straight line when that happens. 

Today, Princess Five asked if she could measure Princess Four's hair. We have been talking about cutting her hair some as it may be easier to manage on her mission shorter so that also may have been on her mind when she asked if she could measure her hair. 

I walked into the room carrying my camera to take some pictures for another blog post and found her with the measuring tape like the top picture. I figure it was a cute picture and fun memory to see how long their hair is so I took a picture. 

Funny that Princess Five wasn't planning on measuring her hair so I asked her to measure it so we could see whose hair was longer as they are both thinking of cutting it anyway.

I thought it was wonderful that Princess Four's hair was an amazing 27+ inches. She didn't believe that her hair was over 2 feet long. 

So, we then measured Princess Five's hair and wouldn't you know it.... It was just a "hair" over 27 inches. 

Neither believed they had the same hair length so we measured Princess Four's again with a bit more attention. Once again, it was the same length! They were both trying to hold it in the exact same spot on their head.
What are the odds? I don't measure their hair when I trim it, I just take off the bottom until the healthy hair and then even it up so it wasn't planned or because I use some measuring device when I cut their hair. 

I think they were both a bit awed that they had the same length of hair and don't think either thought that their hair was over 2 feet long. I trimmed Princess Four's hair right before the pageants she was in when I highlighted it which wasn't that many months ago but it has already grown quite a bit.

I don't know how long their hair will be the same length but it was just a fun fact that we discovered today. I am not sure why they all like long hair but Yahoo for long hair! I haven't had mine super long in years so I don't think it is from me.....

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