Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Missionary Wardrobe - Looking Like a Shimai Now

I have been so busy this past two weeks that I have pulled several all nighters and have struggled during the days as I have been getting such little sleep. 
I had to blog ahead for this week due to out of country guests. I didn't want to be spending time writing a blog when I could be spending time with them so my blog may have been a little shorter or less detailed due to time constraints. 

Today, I sadly delivered my out of country visitors to their last stop. It was very hard to see them go but since I have so much going on, I didn't have much time to be sad. 

Princess Four came with me to return our guests because we need to get her ready to go on her mission and being in a small town, we don't have the selection and items we may need for her. We also had two LARGE bags of  clothes we wanted to return to a certain store. I purchased them for my mother before she died. She never had a chance to wear them before she died so I wanted to return them but the store closest to my home wouldn't allow returns without the receipt and in a certain time frame. 

Due to everything going on in my world, I wasn't able to return the clothes in a timely way so I was frustrated that I had over $100 in clothes that we wouldn't be able return or exchange.

I don't have lots of funds right now due to the craziness of the accident and getting Princess Four ready for her mission and two of our cars broke down this week so we have some mechanics to pay. 
I said a huge prayer and grabbed the nearly two garbage bags of clothes and dragged them into a store in the larger city hoping they would allow me to return the other clothes and purchase mission clothes for Princess Four.  

I was SO grateful when the manager allowed me to exchange $137 in clothes! 

Princess four and I spent six hours in the store trying on all sorts of clothes and in the end, we payed $28 for three huge bags of clothes! Many of them are wool for the cold winters yet we got several light weight skirts for the summer months. 

We found lots of jackets to match the skirts she liked and my favorite buys were the turquoise blue jacket, a wool skirt and her raincoat with the zip out lining. They all fit her well

We got mostly plain and solid colors so she can mix and match. She found t-shirts in solid colors for $1 each at Walmart the other day and with the solid colors pieces we purchased today, she can make lots of changes. 

I am so grateful she gets to serve as a missionary and also getting the blessings of being able to return those items. I was able to clean them out of my house as well as get almost all of Princess clothes for free!

After six and a half hours at the clothes store looking for her mission clothes, I am truly glad to be sitting down blogging!

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