Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Exciting Day For Princess Four

While we had my New Zealand host parents visiting, we also had an opportunity for Princess Four to do something fun. We were visiting family for weddings, mission farewells, mission homecomings and also taking my host family to see some fun things in those cities.
We figured while we were traveling, Princess Four wanted to go to one of our faiths Temples as she is getting ready to go to Japan as a full time missionary, she would need to go to a temple in preparation for that event.  

There are many temples she could have chosen to attend but she wanted one of two that have live people who give instructions rather than those that provide the instructions with different movies. 

We let the family know and my dad and his wife along with Prince One and Princess Two were able to attend. Princess One was busy with babies and met up with us after the event. 

The other girls were helping with the babies and entertaining our NZ family during the time we attended the temple. 
After the event, we all met up at one of our favorite restaurant chains for lunch. I forgot to take a picture while my dad and step-mother were with us. They were so great to come and paid for the meal. We are so grateful to have them in our lives being so supportive! 

We got to share some of our local culture with my NZ family and enjoys some good food as well. It was a good day for all and you can see Princess Four was all smiles for her big day!       

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