Monday, September 12, 2016

All Shoes Are Not Made Equal

Sorry this was posted late. I guess I didn't hit post when I had finished it and didn't get online today to notice it didn't post. I am just going to have it be my post for Tuesday as I have so much going on. This and next week are my super busy weeks with company, weddings, farewells and homecomings.

A few years back, I posted about a situation where "I may or may not have" worn two different shoes to our church Christmas program. Today, I had a situation that had me laughing until I cried during church services.....

Last week at Princess One's, I fell off a chair while putting in a new window blind I had gotten that was new in the box, for their kitchen, for $5 at a second hand store. I was excited to be able to do something for them but I had also given them little plastic chair guards and felt stickies to put on their kitchen chairs to keep them from scratching the floor.

The combo proved near deadly as I used a chair to install the blind. Princess One warned me to be careful as they now had the protectors on them so the first while, I was very careful. As I stepped back onto the chair from the sink / counter area, the chair decided to take a slide and down I came on top of the now sideways chair hitting my ankle VERY hard on the chair on my journey to the floor where the now VERY bruised ankle hit the floor hard!

The ankle hasn't swelled much but if the inside of my ankle touches the bedding, my other foot, etc, I wake or scream out in pain.The foot itself didn't hurt for a week until I was up all night hauling heavy stuff out of my house for a yard sale and then the arch of my foot inside will just have shooting pain at odd times and I am now limping with pain when I walk a week later. I think I may have had a small fracture and then caused a stress fracture on it.

This morning, I was so tired having been up until 3 cleaning up the yard sale and not having slept the night before and having a horrid migraine all Friday and not getting out of bed until after 5 that night, I was SUPER tired to get up for church and didn't hear the alarm blaring for 10 minutes before Princess Five came in to turn it off. I got up and got ready for church.

Princess Five was asked to give a "youth talk" at our church today so she wanted to look pretty but due to her accident, she can only get her hair into a loose pony with lots of "fly away" hairs so she hinted that she would like some help with her hair as she knew how tired I was with everything going on.

I offered to french braid her hair which put us a bit later than usual. Since I lead the hymns in church, I need to arrive early to put up the page numbers and make sure I am there to lead the opening hymn.

With my sore foot, walking was terribly painful this morning and so I grabbed the first two black shoes I could see and headed to church.

I was really limping going in and one shoe felt tighter than the other so on the way in, I looked down to see if I had the same shoe on both feet. It looked like I did so I headed in and started the meeting but every time I got up to lead, my hip hurt and I put my weight on one leg as my foot arch was hurting so much. During the middle of the meeting, I took off my shoes as my feet hurt so much. I then look down and see that I did have on two different shoes and not only different but there is an inch difference in height!!!

No wonder I was limping so much! Clearly, getting 5 hours sleep in three days isn't working for me~

I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face! I didn't want to be rude to the man speaking but I couldn't stop and my girls then saw my shoes and they started and for about five minutes, every time I tried to stop, it only got worse! After the meeting, I had a few people come up and ask what was so funny and I just pointed to my shoes..... They all laughed with me... Or at me..... either way, I was glad that I could make someone laugh as I got the best laugh I have had in probably a year!

Unlike this post about last time this happened, I can tell you that this story is true, no question there~ I really need some sleep!

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