Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sad Days Ahead For Princess Five - No Dancing at Halftime

As you know from years of my blog, my girls have all danced since they were two and three. Princess five especially has danced since an early age as she would go to her sisters dance class as we had to wait there for the class. She would watch the girls and start doing the dance so the teacher just allowed her to join the class as she was better than some of the four and five year old girls in the class. 

Since her car accident, (Click here for the creepy seat-belt post) Princess Five can't move her left arm much. Here is a post about that. 

This entire thing has been such a struggle for her. She was SUPER excited to dance this year as she has done cheer-leading for the past two years but it is so time consuming that she chose to do dance this year. She was voted president of the team and was getting pumped to dance this year. 

Her accident wasn't long after their summer camp and she was excited to get back into shape and loved the routines she learned. 

After the accident, she hasn't been able to dance as any movement hurts her arm. I told her to just walk through the routines but she has had bruising for over a month and it was such a trial.  

They had their first football game the other day and Princess struggled not to cry all day as the other girls were excited for their first performance. She knew she wouldn't be able to perform at any football game this year and that really has been hard for her since it is her senior year and her last chance to dance. 

I wanted her to maybe get out of the team or something so she wouldn't be sad every time they dance. She however, likes just being part of the team and was super excited that she could move her left arm enough to carry the flag onto the field for the first game. 

That was all good until the flag got stuck on her and she couldn't hold the flag with just the one hand and push the flag away from her with the other so for most of the national anthem, the flag was stuck to the front of her in front of her face. It would have been funny if it weren't so sad. 

I am proud of her for wanting to continue to be part of the team and supporting the other girls. She still goes to early morning practices and participates as she can but with physical therapy and with chiropractic apts, she is still not able to put her hand on her hip, above her head etc. 

We are hoping that with hard work and the comfrey poultices and herbs she is taking, she will be able to at least be in one or two of the competition dances but not being able to put weight on it at all, we are praying hard for a miracle!

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