Monday, September 19, 2016

Not Feeling So Enlightened - LED Bulbs

Over the past six months or so, I have been putting some LED light bulbs in the more used fixture in my house. In fact, I blogged about putting the first two in my house in January sometime. Here is a link to that post. 
With that, the packages all say that the LED bulbs last forever and cost less to use so they justify them costing LOTS more than other bulbs.

With the belief the I wouldn't be buying another bulb for many years, and the touted savings in energy, one can justify spending $5 on a bulb that you won't have to change out! 

I purchased this one and put it over the stairs as we leave that light on every night in case of emergency. Imagine my disappointment when I arrived home on Sunday from my long day visiting "OZ" (see my post a few days ago) and the house was dark! The girls said the light went out. 

I was just sharing with Princess Four how I have gotten warranties on compact fluorescent bulbs in the past when they have a five year guarantee. I usually cut the warranty info off the box and then tape the receipt from the purchase on it and put it in a file in the filing cabinet for "warranties" of different items. 

I will then write with a sharpie on the item the date of purchase and the length of the warranty so that if I am using the item and it dies, I can just look at the warranty written on the tool etc and know that it is still under warranty! 

I then call the company and they tell me I need the original receipt etc. Normally they are really shocked that I have the receipt and warranty information but at that point, what can they do... I get a check in the mail after emailing them a copy of the item with the picture and the receipt scan. 

I have gotten three new locks for my house and many parts for bathroom and kitchen plumbing fixtures under warranty. I figure if they are saying it is under warranty, they should really warranty it! This bulb was a Westinghouse bulb but I have several brands now in the house and haven't had a problem with any others brands yet. 

I am regretting that I did not write down the warranty info with the LED bulbs! I thought for sure they would last forever as they brag that all the time! 

Know that in the future, I will be documenting my purchase and warranty information as at $5 a bulb, they should last longer than 9 months!  

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