Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hints For Symptom Treatment for Horeshair Nematomorpha The Kraken

I have gotten several hints from readers on what has worked in getting the parasites to come out of the skin on the head, neck, hair, and face area so I thought I would do a quick update on this. I just put their posts and a few of my replies. Hopefully their suggestions will help others who are looking for some relief. 
I have tried the hydrogen peroxide thing and I get the same as you on my hands but worst place for me is my neck, jaw line and face. That is until I used corsodyl mouthwash to wash my neck hoping to relieve the itching. We what happened probably will sound insane but loads of seed shaped things and worm like things came out instantly and painlessly while rubbing and the skin after looked as if there was never a problem, no bleeding or exit holes. So strange. I've been doing this several times a day and the numbers have greatly reduced so I'm hopeful that I'm getting to the source of the problem or at least preventing these "babies" from maturing and depositing more of their disgusting offspring into my skin! I hope this helps someone gain some relief as it has helped me.

Thank you so much for sharing what has worked for you. I will share this in an update post so that when people search my blog, they can see this. The neck thing is that they come out of the lung between the first and second stage of life and crawl up the back of the throat where they pop out and irritate causing a dry, tickling cough. Then they get into the lymph for the second phase just under the skin so you are getting them in transition from stage one to two. Yahoo for finding something to take the numbers down!!! Thanks again for sharing.

I used lavender Castille soap as a shampoo and left it in for a good 10 minutes. It felt as if ants were crawling around my scalp. I left it on till the sensation stopped. I am going to continue to use on my head and body. Also, it feels like something is in my nose and ears. I keep getting small hairs out of my ears on cotton swabs. Has anyone gone to the optometrist and did they see anything in your eyes? Also, I Did not have tinnitus prior to this. Now the noise is constant and loud.

I am 100% sure my family and I (5 kids age 3-10 included) have this and I am terrified and don't know what to do!! The er said I was crazy! my fiance had them in a sore on his face and put orajel on it trying to get the pain to quit but they absorbed the orajel and it either paralyzed them or killed them and they all started falling out! So that might help! Please email me!!

  1. Has to be the baby orajel 

    I hope that this information has helped someone and I will continue to post what I find that works for me.


  1. Hi,

    I think you should look into Dr. Hulda Clark's work. Green Black Walnut tincture, Clove and Woodworm will clean you out completely since it works as a systemic parasite cleanse.

    I hope this is the answer you've been looking for.


    1. Dear Gabriel, Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I appreciate that and will look more into that when I have a few minutes. I've been very busy as of late. I have had several people suggest her work and looked into it a bit a few months back and bought some of the walnut tincture a year or so ago but kept putting it off as I was scared to kill more adults off and have the babies hatch again. The tincture is quite expensive and I got to thinking after looking at the amounts I would have to consume on a regular basis that it would be expensive and living in a small town, acquiring large amounts seemed to possibly be an issue. I just really need to make time to do the research needed to figure it out and try it. Thanks again.

    2. I am new to this type of site and not sure what I'm doing. I'm not sure if my replies are going through or how to find the other posts 'parasite'. I have been praying for a diagnosis, and asking others to specifically help me pray for this, for many months. I found this and am hoping it's an answer to prayers! I completely understand your frustration with people who will not join together to help save even their own life, and would rather have me do the thousandth cleanse than call a doctor to help insist on a diagnosis. People and animals have died, and my grandchildren and children have this and I'm helpless to do anything because of people keeping their head in the sand. The suffering is unreal, but God is sustaining me thus far. I have tremors constantly and have lost 50 lbs, and sleep in my car for fear of infecting the house. I have probably called a thousand places for help, including the CDC and two health deparatments. CDC said it had to come from a doctor...what a joke that has been. I was a teacher and I am trying to record everything to get it to UC Davis, etc. I have a friend who is very ill with this also but will not join with me because of fear. I am looking for someone to help validate this and get answers and join with me so that people will listen. I have already given this site address to two others who have this. Have much to share and ask and want to read more but will wait until I understand how to use this site. Thank you!

    3. I am hoping you get my reply so you can go to the bottom of any page on my blog and see the "search" box and type in the word parasite and then click on the little "search" box to the right and it will take you to a page with all the posts on this parasite and how I got it diagnosed and the tests they have done etc. I have not found a cure and am dealing with other health struggles I believe are due to this parasite and other family issues that keep me from doing much for the parasite issue. But in a few weeks, I hope my life will calm down so I can once again focus on trying to find a cure. I am so sorry for your suffering but truly, if you have it, the rest of your family probably already has it and sleeping in the car isn't going to solve anything but will just add to your tiredness and stress. I had this for years before I figured it out or saw many signs but could tell something was going on. I will post things as soon as I can figure them out and will post what others send me so hopefully science will figure it out. Thanks for your comments and my prayers are with you.