Friday, September 9, 2016

Visit to the Dr. For Princess Five

Princess Five had a Dr. Visit today and of course we get there and there are kids running around grabbing coloring pages out of a shelf and coloring. 

Princess Five said she wanted to color while we waited so she goes to pick out something to color and what is the first thing I see? Yep, a rainbow! It is crazy how many times I hear songs about rainbows or see rainbows recently. I kind of think my mother not having her mind when she was alive is probably really seeing how stressed my life is now that  she has passed on and is doing her best to let me know she wishes she could help. This week is particularly stressful trying to get Princess Four's Visa filled out and ordering all the items she needs so they have time to arrive, Princess Five's arm still not being able to do much so she isn't much help and I have company next week. 

My apples are falling off the tree as I have no time to dry them. We are having a yard sale this weekend trying to help pay off some of the medical bills, getting a car for Princess Five that she can drive one handed, Missionary items and expenses and Princess Five has two trips with her choir and graduation that I would like to be able to send her on.  

Princess had fun coloring and we visited while we waited in the exam room but she was sad she didn't have her coloring page as it was a longer wait than usual. 

We have been getting conflicting stories from the physical therapist and the Dr. told her to wear her sling all the time. The therapist told her not to raise her arm up and past her midline as it could dislocate again. So, she has been wearing the sling almost all the time and not pushing the arm up other than passive motion that the therapists showed her. 

The Dr. comes in and grabs her arm and throws it in the air straight up and she screams out in pain. Tears streamed down and he told her she didn't have frozen shoulder and he helped break up any adhesion that was there. I wish he would have shared that he was going to do that and why before doing it as she had tears but after, she said it felt good like it needed to do that so I commented about the physical therapists comments and he said that was only for the first few weeks! 

Wish someone would have given us a printed paper with this type of information so she could have been working her arm a bit more! As long as I do the comfrey poultices regularly, she does better with motion and her shoulder feels tighter but when we forget or being out of town for days didn't help. 

He said 3-6 months for healing which is 3 less than he said last time so I told her to get to it and work that arm and I can rub oils in it and do passive motion to get it above her head and hopefully, she will be dancing in no time! 

She is still a kid at heart as she wanted to pick up her coloring page that she left in the waiting room. I took a picture as I don't think there will be many of those days left in my world!    

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