Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Right Now, Seven Countries are Reading My Blog

I have so many wonderful things to post about and each day, I am so exhausted that all I can do is put up the latest pictures on my camera and find something easy to write about. 

It is sad to me that I am not writing about the exciting times we have had recently with friends visiting but at the moment, I am ready to collapse. It has been such a long year. I never had a chance to recover from my mother living here, then her death, then the accident, then, then, then. Recently, I have driven all over the state with my wonderful friends and host parents from New Zealand and I hope to get feeling better and get caught up on that and many other things. 

I stopped taking my thyroid medication a few weeks back to see where I am with it as I haven't had any gluten in just about four years. I stopped eating eggs which seemed to cause problems. I also gave up drinking Coke this week and truly, I think that was the only thing keeping me going most days as I am so tired. 

I notice that I am not as hot as I usually am being off the medication and am back to being cold all the time which my children thinks is funny but shows that my thyroid isn't functioning well. I wake up every night freezing... Time to put the heated mattress pad back on.

Just today, I got a crown put on which is the fourth on that same tooth which has bothered me for 12 years. It is tight and has caused me stress all day. I took care of fees at the high school. I went and ordered two pair of glasses with Princess Four for her mission and now we need to order contacts. The first pair we ordered were $106 out of pocket and the second, she chose the cheapest frame and lens with no coating and got 20% off the second pair so they were about $25. The bills for her mission keep adding up but she paid for the glasses as my coffer is empty at present!

We went to the bank and found some hidden "fees" and "Insurance" payments on her new credit card which are very dishonest and should be illegal. Check your card statement for small amounts on your card. They were $.31 in fees over the month for insurance in case she loses her job and can't pay her bill! We were not told about it and I guess if you don't pay your bill by a specific date in full, you get these fees. However, these fees are not near the actual due date for your card statement due date so you will always get these hidden 'fees" each month. We asked them to take them off her card but I am sure the million other owners of the card have no idea they are being charged that monthly!

We dropped something off at the woman shelter in our area and a few other things needing to get out of the house. I paid some bills, bought groceries and worked on the house some. 

I haven't quite recovered from the food poisoning and the stress from this past year and am so tired that I am not sure how things will work out. I fell off a chair at Princess One's at the beginning of the month and my foot didn't hurt for a week or so but now I am sure I have a stress fracture and have had a limp for weeks. 
The girls have been telling me for weeks my eyes look yellow and I am feeling rather diabetic since the food poison thing a few weeks back. 

Truly, I think I need a few weeks in bed but it won't happen with everything going on....... Keep me in your prayers..... 

On a happy note, I have been noticing the past few nights when I get on to blog that I have people from all over the world reading my blog as I type my new post. It is a bit of a weird feeling thinking someone from Pakistan is reading something I wrote as I currently type. I think it is rather cool!  

It is times like this, the world seems rather a small place....... 

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