Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Great-Grandma Is The Baby Whisperer - Grand-Prince One

We went to visit Princess One and her family for the weekend. 
I will write more about that tomorrow but wanted to share this cute video with you and about how amazing my step-mother is with babies. 

When she arrived, the baby was a bit fussy. I don't know that it wasn't from having been passed around from person to person as there were lots of us that wanted to spend time with him. 

The only person that didn't come was Princess Three as she is interested in a certain boy and wanted to stay home for the weekend to support him. 
We missed seeing her but understand the lure of a cute guy so we forgave her missing the fun weekend but she was missed. We thought she would be coming on Sunday but the person she was to ride with bailed on her that morning so we were very sad we didn't get to see her. She has yet to meet Grand-Prince One. 
When my step mom (name is for clarification only as I love her like a mother) held the baby, she would talk to him. She would listen to him and give him her complete attention and EVERY time he would grin, talk to her and smile!!! 
I could show you twenty pictures of different people holding him only minutes before these last pictures and he is crying in most of the pictures with all of us, me included! 

She holds him and he is ALL smiles!!!!! Look at all these pictures. He was being so cute that I took over 50 pictures of her holding him as he just kept laughing, smiling and being super happy! 
I think because she held him and gave him attention and talked to him the first time she held him, he remembered her! He really just loved being held by her! You can see she is the one holding him in the pictures of him smiling each time! 
The entire rest of the weekend, I think I may have gotten one picture of him half smiling while someone else was holding him. Most of the time he is just quiet, sleeping or crying in the pictures. 
Truly, Great-Grandma is the baby whisperer. I love the video of her talking to him. It went on for a long time before I got the camera out! I wish I had started video taping earlier before everyone started talking and moving about as it was quiet and they were just having a conversation before that! 
Thanks for making the long drive to spend time with us Great-Grandma and Grandpa! We appreciate all you do for our family!  

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