Thursday, September 22, 2016

What To Do With A Free Day - Trust In HIM

One would think I would enjoy a free day where I didn't have anything scheduled. 

I actually would like one of those type of days if I didn't have such a long "to do" list waiting for such a day as today.

I thought since my out of country guest have continued on their way, I would edit my mothers manuscript of her autobiography. 

She wrote the book when she was a national beauty queen back in the day and thought she would get it published. Over the years, it has been revised between kids, life, and health issues, it just never got published.

Her dying concern was that she never finished her book for her children and grand children. We paid out of her estate to have the book published before she passed and my brother read some of  the preview of her book and showed her all the pictures the week before she died. 

I think she was at peace knowing the book was paid for and all the pictures were scanned and in order and the publishers were able to plug the pictures in with the events she was talking about in the book.   
I started to work on editing the book as I know the pictures and stories better than anyone in the family after having spent so many hours sorting and scanning her stuff. 

The phone started ringing mid morning and from there, I never got back to editing. 

Princess Fours car is at the shop after breaking down. He isn't sure what is wrong with it. Princess five left for a Rotary weekend where she is jr staff. Princess two had part of her back molar fall out and while we were waiting for the car to be looked at, I shopped at a second hand store near the mechanic shop and found lots of silver and some gold in jewelry grab bags. I sorted after Princess Two took me to all you can eat sushi! It was so sweet of her to do that and I truly enjoyed myself as I had only had a cup of yogurt all day and it was now after 7. I ate five rolls! I sorted the jewelry and everyone got a bit. There were lots of pieces they were happy with which is good. The best part was that I found a penny made into an earring which was just a reminder to trust in Him more!

I am tired and hope tomorrow comes with better news but I figure things are going to be "OK" as when we took the car in late last night, we found two pennies at the shop and today, as I returned the car as he thought just resetting the check engine light may have fixed the problem, I found another penny on my way out. God is good and I do feel like He is in charge and I do need to trust in Him. I know things will be "OK" in the end.

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