Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Mole Digging in A Hole - In My Window Well

Princess Five and I have been spending lots of time in her bathroom recently trying to learn contouring make-up and how to use things as "finishing spray" for make-up which I had never even heard of before this week.

A few weeks back I was visiting one of the women in my congregation who is helping put on the "Miss" pageant for our town. I shared with her that I don't use much make-up and so my girls also don't use much make-up and that I thought a "make-up" tutorial on contouring would be very helpful to the contestants. 

I am so glad they decided to do the tutorial as Princess Five seemed excited about learning how to do it.We went out that night and spent some money on make-up for her to experiment with. Come to find out, I should have had her go shopping in my cupboard as the stuff we bought, the contouring palette was expensive and had sparkles in the highlight white which made her look sweaty and shiny on stage. 

She was also having a problem with what I thought was her foundation as it always looked wet and shiny on her nose anyway. I finally went to the bathroom to figure it out. 

I guess the powder she was using had oil in it and never dried. I thought that odd as powder is supposed to set make-up and dry oily areas so with that, we got her some different powder and used the contour kit I already had and now she looks BEAUTIFUL!

I was ironing her skirt and she said, "There is a mouse making noise in the window well." I don't like when animals get stuck in my window wells as I have to suck it up and get them out being the mom. 

Problem with this is, it wasn't a mouse! It looked like a mole. It has long white teeth which you can see reflecting in the top picture. There are long claws and some white sensor things coming out of its nose.  

I don't want any mole, live or dead in my window so I posted on a local yard-sale site if anyone wanted one to "study" for home schooling or something. Nope. But I found out it isn't a mole but a "Pocket Gopher" which some experts shared with me. 

I did get the idea to stick a piece of wood in it but frankly after looking them up, I don't know that I want it to live in my yard as I have seen what they do and don't want them around. I truly hope someone decides to come and get it tomorrow so I don't have to deal with it. 

I couldn't help but think of my favorite band U2 song "Elevation" where they sing: "A mole, digging in a hole,  Digging up my soul, Going down, excavation." Who wouldn't think of that song in this situation!

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