Friday, July 29, 2016

Wear Your Spiritual Seat Belt - One Destroyed Car

I am sure it was a surreal moment for Princess Five to be staring into the drivers seat of the car that she rolled. 

We took a drive to where Princess Five's car was towed after the accident and she said that "By far, my favorite reaction was the tow truck driver whose jaw dropped when I walked in and he said, "You shouldn't be alive..."" 

We got to the tow  place after calling ahead and were VERY frustrated when we had to wait an hour in the hot sun for the owner to call his son and tell him what to charge us. 

There was no place to sit, no air conditioning, no swamp cooler, and just one big hot mess! When I found out that the bill to tow my car FIVE miles was nearly $400 including a storage fee of $80 for less that 48 hours, I was TRULY upset. Especially after having to wait for such a long time. 

There was an administrative fee, a weekend fee, an extra man fee etc. They said it took an hour and 20 minutes to pick it up and tow it the five miles to town. When the salvage guy showed up, he got the car on his truck in 4 minutes by himself! Scam for sure!!!

I was trying not to be upset but it was difficult as Princess Four was so weak and being in the hot sun took it out of her. 

My mood increased so much when we pulled her guitar out of the back seat. When they picked up all her stuff, someone put the heavy suitcase on top of the guitar after picking it up out of the dirt and sagebrush. We were VERY grateful for all those who spent the time to help her and pick up all her stuff scattered the 200 feet as things flew out all over the site.

We thought there was NO way that the guitar would survive as it was in a soft sided guitar backpack/ case. There was sage brush in the ripped back pocket and her wallet was in the front pocket and there was SO much dust in the pockets and we still can't believe there wasn't something wrong with it. Hopefully it will still hold a tune when she can play it again. 

When she saw the car, Princess just squatted facing the drivers seat staring for several minutes. I didn't say anything to her as I could see she was trying to make sense of the entire thing in her head but I don't know that she will ever be able to. 

I could see she was trying to grasp how she was still alive. We all took a few minutes to compose as it was SO unbelievable that she survived, let alone came out with such minor injuries compared to what should have been! 

If you look at the floor mat on top of the car in one of the pictures, you can see clearly how crunched the drivers side roof was, it looks like someone did a big Karate chop right where her head was. 

You can see by these "inside" pictures that the roof was really low and we folded both seats down so it looks like there is room for her head but when the seat is up, it is touching the crushed roof. She should NOT have been "OK."

It was SO hot that when we left there after waiting for an hour or more, we were out of water and I felt like I was having a stroke, my face was beet red and I was dripping sweat as I made the girls sit in the car with the air conditioning as I didn't want Princess Five to faint! 

We had to stop in town to get some ice water as we were all super hot so I got them ice cream and I drank a gallon of ice water so we could cool down before taking the long drive home.

My favorite part of the day was when I looked through the window of the car for the first time on the drivers side and what was the first thing that gleemed back at me? Yep, a penny!!!

God was letting me know to "Trust in Him" even with this! Of course we had to get that penny as TRULY GOD IS GREAT and I really try to trust in Him. I know I am going to fail at times but He really is over all and HE saved Princess from what should have been certain death or major damage! 

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