Monday, November 2, 2015

Hoopla - Game of the Sixties

This past week, I found the coolest antique game at a second hand store. 

I have heard of the game of "Hoopla" a few different times. There is a game from "Cranium" that is called Hoopla and one of my girls told me that they played a game of "Hoopla" that was different which is "Twister Hoopla" and said it was really fun.
Imagine my surprise when I found this different game of "Hoopla" at a second hand store. Several people commented on the game in my shopping cart.
The box was so big but I was interested about the cover. On the cover, the children are small and the game is HUGE so I thought perhaps you stuck the game on a higher object and threw round discs or something. Like throwing rings on a peg.
When searching "Hoopla" online, there are some peg games where you throw rings onto pegs so it would make sense. 

I almost put the game back a few times as the box is so huge and I thought it wouldn't be good to store it for a few plays but then I thought I could always just play it and donate it back. 
I looked at it like paying for a bowling game. you enjoy yourself for an hour or so and don't have anything to take home so I decided that if Princess Five and I have fun playing it, I can donate it back if we don't want to store it.  
It was $3 and so I purchased it and today when Princess and I had some time in the evening after our Sunday schedule, we pulled the game out and Princess thought it was the coolest thing that they used to write the instruction on the lid of the game and wondered out loud why they still don't do that. 
It took a minute to figure out how to put it together as twice I put the wooden dowels into the base before looping the green handles in as you can only get that piece in BEFORE putting the pegs in the base. 

We did have to read the instructions and it didn't take long before we understood the object of the game. 

I love that they made the top like "Plunko" from "The Price is Right" show as it makes the game just a little more fun watching the hoops plink down into their spots.
It was evident from the beginning that Princess Five is MUCH better at this game than I was and the two discs I scored I had the lift one side of the base to get them but Princess was a master and swooped around collecting them with ease. 

If you cause the little man to fall off, you lose your turn. You get different points for the different colored rings. 
It did get more difficult the more rings you got on the little man as he is balanced on the wire and with the weight of the rings, he leans more and it is easier for him to fall off. 

Also, if you go too fast with rings on him, he can lean enough that they fall off while he is moving fast so the more rings you have on for your turn, the slower you have to work.

I did want to mention how cute the inside of the box was as well. I show a picture at the top where everything is pictured so you know exactly where to stick everything back into the box. Getting to spin the base also made it a fun game. You can see in the video, we both enjoyed playing the game. I think we will have to have a "Hoopla" tournament over the holidays.           

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