Friday, July 1, 2016

Off To The Post Office - Scrapbook Delivery

We have been working non-stop on this portfolio scrapbook needed for a scholarship. 

Princess Four did one of these two years ago and it got her a $10,000 scholarship. Here is a link to a post about that.

 She didn't use the scholarship but by getting that scholarship, it put her in the running for "sterling scholar" and due to the cute portfolio and scrapbook, along with winning the first scholarship, she won Science Sterling Scholar runner up in the region. By having the book, it put her in a good position.
I shared in posts over the past few days that my mothers estate furniture was delivered this week but I have no time to do anything with it as we are rushing to get these scrap pages done. 
I can't believe how many hours this is taking me but I do remember when I made the portfolio for Princess Four, I didn't get anything else done for an entire week and did it myself as she was gone every week in the summer so I had no help. 

I had some help in the beginning with this from Princess Four and Five but today, Princess Five has taken three unscheduled naps. She fell asleep in the shower, after drill practice and for the past few hours, she has been sleeping on the couch. 

I kept hoping she would get enough sleep so she could help me finish the pages but she woke up when I took the picture at the top and just told me "thanks" and went to bed. 
To be fair, she has to get up for drill in the morning and if I worked out like she does every day for a few hours, I would sleep the rest of the day. I know this because that is what happened in the past when I did work out. 

I need to go and finish about five more pages and then scan the book and compile the pages to put in the mail tomorrow! Should be a long night and day tomorrow! On the bright side, Princess Four is enjoying her pages and how cute the album is becoming. I have decided it is VERY expensive to scrap book. 

Just printing the pictures was about $50. That isn't including any of the paper, stickers etc we are using. Perhaps I should give up and go electronic. I have a friend that designs her pages online and then prints out the entire page. It is probably worth looking into. 

In the end, it is just fun to hold the book and look at the pages seeing how beautiful Princess Five is and enjoying all the activities that she does! It has given me many gratitude moments that she is healthy, beautiful and talented going through all the pictures. I am blessed!

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