Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Subscribers "Cure" to Get Parasites Out Of Body Fast - USE CAUTION

A woman wrote me recently sharing that she had tried the following method to get parasites out of her body fast. She ended up taking an ambulance ride to the ER. You can see the following pictures she sent me in a few collages where her eye swelled etc. She sent me some videos of "white" stuff on her skin but I couldn't see clearly enough that it was worms. There are pictures of white stuff on her face in the pictures she sent along with sores etc. She shows her face clearing up at the end. 

I think she was courageous to try doing something about the parasites but it scares me how desperate people are for a cure. I had another person write yesterday and today saying they have been suffering with this for 12 years. EVERY PERSON that write is looking for some help and cure. I can't give them that. I suggest vitamins and share openly on my youtube channel and on my blog here what I have tried and how it worked for me. Recently I tried taking Pyrantel on for a few days and off for a few days as I know they don't like it from the first time I took it but I didn't see any die off symptoms or great reactions where I felt better or worse. 

I had to cancel my Dr. apt as Princess One had her baby so I haven't seen my Dr. in some time. I hope that the CDC will get with the program and figure this parasite out and a test for it so that people can get correct diagnosis for this rather than being told they are crazy! 

Here is her letter and what she did trying to get them out. She had some relief but ending up at the hospital probably isn't going to work and if you infestation is large, something this dramatic could probably kill you. I don't think it is a solution for most but it has helped her clear up her skin, and she said she is feeling better and her dog is also doing better. I AM NOT SUGGESTING THAT ANYONE TRY THIS but am giving you the information she shared with me. There has to be a solution out there that isn't this dramatic! 

"Thanks for writing back so soon! OK, so is what I've tried and experiment with that worked for me:

Drink two tablespoons of tumeric with a two cups of water and six freshly squeezed lemons. Drink this slowly just to gage how you feel as this is going to make the parasites lively. Like you said, once you have something on you they don't like, they will scatter, usually to the extremities (hands and feet). I drank this at the start of my cleanse/cure. I can say that I was heavily infested, more than I had even imagined.

At the same time, prepare and use this topical solution: tumeric and coconut oil paste. Warning: this is going to get messy and tumeric will stain anything it gets on so lay something down to cover carpets and do not wear anything you value. Bleach will get the stains out of countertops and tubs though. I applied this from the head down, starting around my eyes including eyelids. This is so they leave the eye area first and migrate down. I immediately put paste on my throat, paying close attention to my thyroid and lymph nodes (we don't want them staying here or spreading this way either). They will start coming up very quickly. There will be very sticky larva that come up and if you don't get if off your skin quickly, they will sink back in. I found using paper towel and wiping in a deep tissue massage style down my forearm effective for pressing the larva and eggs out of my skin. I could hear popping sounds sometimes and then I'd also see black stick like debris appear and I've assumed those are the horse hair worms dying and coming apart up through the skin.

Then to rinse off and get more of the critters out, take a bath using the six squeezed lemons and boiling them with some cinnamon ( to extract the lemon oils off the peel). I kept this off to the side in the small pot I boiled it in. I ran a bath, just warm water and got in, fully submerging. This is to encourage the worms into the water they so love. A few minutes in, I add the boiled citrus water and poured it all into the tub. I used the lemon peels to rub into my legs to get the sticky larva out. I drained the tub and took a shower to scrub the rest and as I was washing I could feel this massive shedding. Like a strawberry loosing it's seeds. It was amazing!

I used the topical on my face again and this caused under my left eye to swell. I think now it was because there was so much die off in my face, white blood cells were rushi g to that area and caused the inflammation and blister like lump on my face. I drank more of the lemon juice, tumeric and water drink the next day as well and that was when everything decided it was coming out. I got massive pangs of anxiety to where my entire body was shaking and then would switch to periods of euphoria and drowsiness. It would go back and forth. Then little white larva came out of just about all my pores, my face, neck and arms. I called and ambulance to get me and they took me to the ER. I wasn't sure what was going to happen or if I pushed it too far somewhere along the way.

I got the the hospital and then I could feel my feet swelling. The bottoms felt like they were filling up with worms (I know they were). The dr's at the hospital treated me like I was insane and insisted what I was saying could not possibly happen. I was seen hours later when my symptoms had subsided already. I believe that was the worst of the die off symptoms. I slept the next two days and my face is clearer than its been in ages. The acne/ worm scars I think will fade as well. I'll send you some photos if you like.

Oh also, the day after the hospital, I peed the morning after and my urine was brown. In the middle is a white lump. I took a picture more zoomed in and it looks like a coiled mass of worm. My urine progressively got light and had less particles in it throughout the day.

Today has been the best feeling day I've had in what seem like a lifetime. My dog had the same thing, I could see the symptoms in him too. I gave him a smaller dose of tumeric mixed with peanut butter. He's been on it for a few days and he's like a whole new pup! He went through some die off also and we slept loads together. We are both much much happier already!

Let me know if you have any questions, I hope this brings you peace and an end to this torture. Thank you for sharing your story and feel free to pass on to your audience."

The pictures at the bottom are her urine and how dark it was along with stuff that she passed. It looks like there is oil in the toilet but that would be from the lemons peels and seeds is my guess. If you blow up the top right urine picture, you can see squiggly worms that look like the ones under my skin when I soak in peroxide. I have to share that I can see "things" in my urine as well so it isn't a shock to me that she has them if she has the same parasite. 

Ultimately, this is just me sharing her story. Lets hope not many more people have this story to share! It is scary to read about! 

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