Friday, July 22, 2016

Double Rainbow STOCK Certificate Kind of Day

As you know, if you follow this blog, my life has not been my own for a VERY long time now. If I am not taking care of my mother or her stuff this year, I have been dealing with kids and grand-kids. 

I haven't done much in my yard, my health, the parasites, friends, etc because I am SO busy with my mother before she died and now her estate and always her "stuff." 

She has so many papers and pictures it will take me years to get caught up on it if I ever do finish it. I feel sorry for my girls as I haven't done my own stuff or theirs due to the urgency of getting my mothers stuff out of storage etc.  

Here is a link that talks about the different things involved in documenting things with links to many of my posts on the things I have done to organizing my mothers "stuff." 

So, this past few months I have spent probably two weeks total of my life 24 hours a day working on these stocks and bonds. I have contacted each family member and visited with them about addresses they may remember or if they have any documents linking thing. 
Just this week, I spent probably 12 hours just sorting through the scans on the computer that I did a few years back looking for any proof of addresses that may link to proving that we "own" the money linked to these stocks.  

I talked to the state involved a month or so ago asking what I would need to "prove" that we are the owners of the money and they said you need to document that you are linked to the address. Well, my grandparents never lived in the "said state" so they wouldn't be able to link to an address for that state and I kept focusing on their addresses but told the state that I thought the address was actually the oil company main address. 

They told me I needed birth certificates, death certificates, wills, obituaries, family links, stock certificates and proof of any addresses we could find. 

These certificates date back as old as the 1930's through 1980 so finding dates, addresses, originals etc has been daunting and my printer has decided it has had enough after 11 years and I have to hand feed one sheet of paper about six times to get a copy or print something. 

I was REALLY struggling trying to connect the dots and organize the addresses, certificates and "proof" of everything in an organized way and then link it to the different states and certificate and stocks. Also, Finding contact people for stocks from the 1930's has proven very time consuming. 
However, I had had it today and my eyes are wigging out looking at a computer for five days straight now. My hips and lower back ache to the point of me not sleeping and taking pills and putting on ointments to be able to move due to sitting so much. 

BUT, the good news is that I finally was able to search the "Sundance Oil Company to a parent company in the said state and I FOUND THE ADDRESS linked to the money and stock and my grandfathers name!!!! 
There is over $9000 in that one account and I have LOTS of stocks and certificates to look up and not only that, I "felt" like I should look up my grandmothers married names as she married twice after my grandfather died and I found money for her in several spots and for one of her husbands who has also passed away! So, even thought I am exhausted, I wanted to share the blessing of the day. 

When I was so tired and struggling and NOTHING was working out after hours online, I went out to get the mail and what did God do for me? DOUBLE RAINBOW! He is SO good to me. It was like he was telling me to "keep on going" and "Trust in Him" as rainbows are a sign from God and to have two right as I walked out my front door was BEAUTIFUL!

And, in the end, He did it! I was able to for sure link the funds to the address and now will be able to collect that and the other money I found and I was able to find contact information for all but two of the stocks! I don't know that they are worth anything but at least I have a number to call finally for each! 

So, I wanted to share that blessing and that it is 4:30 a.m. and I am so looking forward to sleep and hope that this part of my mom's estate will be over soon and after talking to the leaders of each family, I think they agreed to my suggestion to purchase a nice scanner with a quick processor with some of the funds and have a huge family reunion with the other funds! So, Yahoo for that! Lets hope the other stocks pay out as well!          

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