Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The 4th Of July Parade and Festivities - Princess Five the Busy Performer

We had a SUPER busy fourth of July as you now know with the birth of Grand-Prince One. However, before that all happened, we had a busy fourth of July anyway! 
Princess Five is on the dance team and they marched / danced in the parade. We also had to take all of her stuff for her to perform at the park as someone called and asked if she would be willing to perform. 

Last year, they had her scheduled at the very first and due to the length of the parade, she missed her time slot and they had to fit her in a little later which was really frustrating waiting around for a time slot. 

This year, to make sure that didn't happen again and that she would have time to change in between, she stuck her time near the latter part of the performing slots. 

Due to Princess One going into labor, we asked if they would allow her to go first and I told her not to worry about changing to perform due to the craziness of the day. I sat on the front row and we had the video ready to go.   

She is president of the squad for Dance Team and she called the moves for the parade and I got some great pictures but the video didn't work for some reason so we didn't get any of the dance they did in the parade.

 I thought I had picked some dancing pics to upload on here but now I am uploading a video of her singing at the park and the pictures are on a different card so I don't want to wait for the hour it is taking for one 4 minute video to upload to upload a few more pictures so we will have to live without the cute dance / parade pictures.
I was amazed when I uploaded a video at Princess One's house when up there for the baby and a four minute video uploaded before I typed in the information on the video on youtube. I was amazed at the speed of their internet verses mine. The phone company has given up trying to figure out why my internet is so slow and won't send the repair man anymore as they can't figure it out and it is only our street so they don't care about it. 

Unless I move, I am doomed to slow internet. There are perks to where I live so I will need to consider greatly the options there once Princess Five graduates this next year.     

There was a lady who came up and started talking to us as we were video taping and taking pictures of Princess Five performing at the park and I couldn't believe how rude she was. She stood right in front of us asking if she could have the chair next to me with my camera bag on it. Like she couldn't wait the 40 seconds until Princess was through performing! 

Literally she couldn't wait. You can see Princess mess up a little as she watched the fiasco of me trying to move my stuff and the video wanders during it all. I haven't seen an older person so impatient. I would have expected it from a child or a teen but she was my age or older and would not wait or take a chair on any other row, she wanted the front row and wanted it NOW. So, forgive the mistakes and wandering camera... Hope your fourth was as wonderful as ours.    

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