Monday, July 25, 2016

Wearing a Seat Belt Can Save Your Life - Angels Watching Over Her

Princess Five had an accident this weekend. I have had about 3 hours sleep in 2 days. She is alive and has no life threatening injuries. 

The tender mercies of GOD are abundant in our lives! I will post more and share the details but I have been sitting at the computer for an hour and hadn't typed a work because I keep falling asleep.  

Angels are real! No one can make me believe any different! Princess Five, by all reports for everyone involved, should be dead or seriously injured yet she was released today and has not one broken bone and not one cut that was large enough to stitch! 

The top picture is her car from the highway on zoom, the second picture is her car from the road she was driving on. She flew 200 feet from the road. The third picture is her being carried from the car to the road by some EMT's, Sherriff's, and some kind travelers on the road. I will share more tomorrow.

She does have some injuries but we are still investigating the seriousness. She has a lung that is half collapsed but at this point they are not going to put in a chest tube to inflate it as the leak isn't growing quickly enough to warrant an invasive procedure. 
She has some other issues but needs to see some specialist so we will share with you more tomorrow but please say a prayer of gratitude with us for the mercies of God allowing his angels to intervene and spare Princess Five's life.

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