Friday, July 8, 2016

Covering a Brick or Stone Hearth Edge To Baby Proof

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog much knows I don't sit during the day. I am going all day from when I get up to when I go to bed because if I sit, I fall asleep. I have coined this situation as "Sit-itus" for many years now. 
I have several blog posts about how I don't "sit" well. Here is a link to my first post about it. If I don't have something keeping me busy, I sleep. I have so much to do at home that I really don't just "sit" and watch anything or read books as I really don't have the time and like to get something off my "list."  

Now, I think my fatigue is due to the parasite. I think it sends out a sedative when the person is stationary for very long as it then becomes active. It could explain why I always fall asleep when I sit. 

Since being at Princess One's for the week. I haven't had to help as much since her husband took the week off. With her first baby, he didn't have the time built up to take time off. Also Princess Five is here and is WONDERFUL to help with anything and got to burp her first newborn tonight. 

I told both Prince and Princess One that I am going a bit nuts as they all nap during the day and I don't like to nap or I don't sleep well at night so when they are napping, I can't do much and I make the meals but that doesn't take all day. We scoured the house before they came home so that doesn't need to be done.

I asked them to give me projects that need doing around the house that maybe they don't have the time to get to at the moment, even though I know, and they know, they "can" do them, I am glad to help as I know they should be spending the time with their new little one and making the transition easier for their two year old daughter.

They were great to think about it and Princess One and Prince One both came up with a few things I could help with. Today, Princess One asked me to fix the leaking faucet in their bedroom bath. I was able to get that done in only THREE trips to the plumbing supply store and Ace! 

She also has a partition they use as a headboard in their room that broke when they moved. I was able to drill out the broken dowels and purchase new ones and fix it today with only 2 stops to two different hardware stores! They don't have lots of tools or wood working things so I bought them some so they can add it to their collection of tools! 

The last project I finished tonight was putting on a soft edge to their fireplace hearth! The two year old has a stack of books on the shelves near the fire place and will pull off a stack of books, climb on them and then start sliding around as the books slip from under her feet. We all freak out thinking she is going to crack her head open on the brick surround and hearth.

Her dad bought some pipe insulation and asked if I had any ideas on how to attach it to make it stay on so she could be safe and protected. I suggested covering the insulation with Duct / Duck tape in a color closest to the bricks. Walmart was clearancing all their regular color duct tape. 

I bought some cream colored tape and we started covering the pipe insulation that we had cut and slid on to the edge of the hearth. 

I just folded it around the corners and then taped the corners in both directions to hold it on and when one of the insulation ended, I just cut the end straight and put another right next to it and continued on until the entire edge had foam edges.

Just make sure when putting the tape on, that you get a good amount on the brick or stone so that the tape will hold the foam on. You also need to make sure that the tape is stuck onto itself a little on each strip so that it will hold as I don't know that if you just stuck it on the foam, it would stay stuck. So, just overlap the layers of tape a bit. 

We were able to do the entire hearth edge with one roll of duct tape but didn't have much left after that. I also made sure I did an extra layer on the bottom so that it would hold the foam on as I thought she may try and pull it off is she was laying on the ground and saw the black foam under the edge so I taped the entire thing to the underside of the hearth edge.

From a distance, you can't even tell and the cream matched well. I hope it stays stuck and protects both kids from any injury! Watch the video for better views and feel free to ask any questions.

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