Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hard To Say Goodbye

Princess Five and I had to get back home for her to participate in Drill Team practice this week. 
As Princess Five would say; "The struggle is real!" when it came to leaving our cute new baby and his adorable sister! We have both been experiencing withdrawals today and I had to call them but got no answer. I know she is well taken care of as Prince One's mother is there helping but I just miss them all so much!!

As you can see, Grand Prince One has thinned out through the face and is looking like a two month old rather than a new born. His eyes are so bright and alert. I have TONS of pictures with him awake and happy. That doesn't always happen with babies.

I wanted to put a few cute pictures on before I move back into my normal crazy busy world and forget to blog about them as I thought they were so cute. The picture above was when Prince One was burping his son and his daughter kept looking up to see what he was doing and was mimicking it on her baby doll! 

She would stand where he stood, hold the baby how he would, rocked as he did etc. If he took a step, she would take a step. She did this several times while we were there where she would look to see how one of us did something and then do the exact thing. 

She even looked to see how I was holding a tablet we were watching and put her hand in the exact position on the other side and it took her a second and a few tries to get it just right but it was adorable. 

I did notice that when we were all giving the baby attention, she would act up some just to get some attention so once I was aware of that, I made sure to bring her into it BEFORE she would act up. 

I could see she was struggling with it all even though she is so gentle and kind to her brother, she is still a 2 year old and is learning how things in her world will work now.  There is a cute picture with her wearing a "bunny" hat as the baby was wearing a hat so she wanted a hat as well. It was cute to see her want to be like us all, even the baby.

I put this last picture in to show just how long his fingers are. He has the longest hands and feet and will probably be a great basketball player but they are just so beautiful. It can't help but make me grateful for such a beautiful and healthy baby! 

I am SO blessed!        

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