Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hard Working Momma - Not Even Close to Being Done

I have been working on several different projects since getting home this week.  
I finished the one dresser / vanity that I was working on and have it in my bedroom now. Two of the girls "checked themselves out" in it last night while visiting with me. It was cute to see as it has the side mirrors that swing in and you can see three angles so it is kinda fun to look at yourself in it. 
You can see that my living room is slowly getting cleaner as I finish "fixing" up items. I still have lots to go and there are boxes and items all over that need attention. I just need the stuff in my living room done before I work on the boxes in the spare room and the garage. 
It is sad to me that my mother lived in such a dirty place. We would go often to clean but she would pile more stuff up and you couldn't always get to every pile. This burl drawer dresser / vanity has a center mirror and two wing mirrors that attach once I get it fixed up. 

I found one of those caramel / green apple suckers melted onto the top and it took some doing to get it all off! I know my mother didn't raise me that way and I truly think there is something to the "crazy cat" study they did because her mind came back after being on the antibiotics for a month so I hope they find out more on that. 

Having to wash each piece on every piece of furniture and scrub inside and out makes a time consuming project of each piece. I spend several hours on just washing each piece and then I work on scratches and then polishing. 

I hope to finish the dresser / vanity I started tonight and start to work on the other pieces but I know I have a few things going on this weekend so am not sure how far I will get but I did a "half done, half not done" picture so you can see what it can look like when finished!

I am praying for a productive week with no headaches etc.... I would like my house back!       

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