Friday, June 24, 2016

I Swallowed A Basketball - 37 1/2 Weeks

It is nearly six a.m. and I still hadn't started writing my blog. I uploaded a video and all the pictures for the post I wanted to do but that will have to wait. This week has been way too long and stressful and I am just going to pull a picture and share it with you that my daughter posted today on our family chat. 

She will probably not be happy with me for posting this but I am SO excited. I got to hold a cute and happy baby boy tonight at bunko for a good 40 minutes and it just made me so excited to meet the coming grandson! Grand Prince Number One could arrive any day! Our family is so happy for the addition and look forward to that day with a prayer in our hearts that both mom and baby will be safe and healthy! 

Hopefully I can get some of the posts I have uploaded written next week if things slow down some. Have a great weekend!

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