Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Princess Five Responding to Homecoming Date

Yesterdays post was about how Princess Five's date asked her to homecoming. He asked her using popcorn. 
She wanted to reply in some similar way. Since he used this poem, "Now that I've "buttered" you up, I'll "POP" the question." with the word "Pop" in it, we thought it would be cute to use balloons. 
I found some "light up" balloons for sale at Walmart. We were hoping that they would be light enough to show up writing on the side of the balloon. 
We then started filling small water balloons using hand pumps. I thought about using a compressor but it took just as long to do it either way so we used some hand pumps that I have.

We both filled for an hour or two before she had to leave. I continued filling for another hour before I had to go somewhere.

There were two garbage sacks done then and then I stayed up later that night filling another bag. 

We thought about filling up the back of his truck with the balloons and filling the light balloons with helium and tying them on the antennae. 

We then realized that he wouldn't be able to drive and if the balloons were lit up, someone may take them before he saw them. 
I contacted his mom and we figured out a way to have his car left open so we could fill the cab with the balloons and then put the Light Up balloons on the dash board.  
Of course things never go quite like you think. Princess was cheering at a game and he was working the concession stand.
The "light up" balloons were hardly visible which was frustrating. They have buttons of batteries in them which made them heavy so helium wouldn't work so that changed things.

I ended up tying them to the visors etc. I wrote on them with "window chalk" and they still were so dark that I wrote on the window with chalk writing "yes" on it. 

Then, I stuck the sign that she made in the drivers side window. 
I wished we had more time to fill up balloons as we wanted to fill the cab but with the four bags we had, we hoped we would be able to fill it most of the way. 

I was frustrated that there weren't more but I pushed the ones we had to the drivers side. I think if we ever did it again, I would have a movie night where we had everyone fill balloons. ha ha 

If I wanted to light up balloons again, I would just use glow sticks inside the balloons so that I could have more light. As you can see in the bottom picture, they didn't light up much.

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