Friday, September 18, 2015

He Guides Your Day

When I went to bed last night, I figured I would get back to paying my bills, work on processing some of the hot peppers that my neighbor shared and be the "supervisor" for the Jr. Varsity game for the cheer squad my daughter is on today.  
It is funny how your day can change right from the minute you wake. I woke several times and had a hard time going back to sleep. I then got a text early from the director of the local food bank saying, "We have bananas..." I was SO tired I coulnd't get out of bed. I fell back asleep finally to wake with more texts and alarm reminders of things I needed to get done. I always want to go distribute things when they let me know so that they will continue to let me know when they have overages as it is such a blessing to so many rather than the food going to waste.

I started making calls to see if friends and neighbors wanted any of the hot peppers, bell peppers and onions my neighbors were going to throw away yesterday as their mother owns the land the garden is on and they needed to clean out the plants to fit them in the garbage cans as they were headed out of town. The plants had TONS of peppers on them and so I asked if I could distribute them and take what was left to the food bank. They were happy to see the produce get used so Princess Five and I went yesterday and helped them clean up all the peppers plants and some of the onions. 

I found some people who were happy to get some of the items and so I loaded up a box plus some bags to take around and also the bananas from the food bank. I took some dried bananas from my last batch that I left on too long that were a little dryer than my girls like them as I know someone down there does like them that way. I went down and picked up four cases of the pallet and a 1/4 they have and felt sad that I wasn't feeling better to help them distribute them all. I was just really tired. The bananas are BEAUTIFUL. Just ripe and wonderfully good. I did have a few people go pick up their own cases so that more were distributed but I just didn't have it in me to do more today.

I distributed what I needed to and came home to start drying the bananas since I ruined the last batch when I felt a STRONG feeling I needed to call a friend I haven't spoken to in a year at least. I think last time I saw her was Princess Four's graduation as she has moved away. 

I tried to dismiss the feeling and it came back. Now, I have to say that I have felt like I should call her for about a week now but kept putting it off. Today, I couldn't avoid it. Even yesterday, I found something at a second hand store I thought she would like so I purchased it for her even though I don't see her. I really think "someone" was trying to tell me to call her. 

I followed that feeling and called her. She sounded tired so I said very first right after she said "hello" I said, "You sound tired." She said, I am SO tired and the Dr. can't find out why. I started to tell her my diagnosis and symptoms and she has just about every symptom and believe it or not, she actually had three stool collection kits that she just got from the Dr. at her house right now!!!! 

I shared all of the stuff I've gone through to get the diagnosis and shared how to quickly test for them and while on the phone with her, I felt like I should head out and go to a specific store. I was on the house phone so I called my friend from my cell and left to go to the store I felt I should go to. I am there and a woman I know comes in and I talk with her quite regularly but she isn't a neighbor, I just see her around town. I say "hello" and she just tells me how tired she is. I chuckle to myself inside and know that God is in charge. She had just come back from out of town visiting one of the temples in our religion and said she is just so tired she has had to cancel a few times. I told her that was why I stopped going regularly is that I almost fell asleep twice driving home and kept falling asleep while there because I am so tired and I started sharing all my symptoms with her. She has the burning when sitting for 20 minutes or more, bumps in the back of the throat, fatigue, etc... She said she is so tired she tried to get into her Dr. this week and he is booked out six weeks. It was a different Dr. than I use and suggested that since my Dr. knows the symptoms and what is going on with me, that she may want to go to him and he is only four weeks out. 

She said she would go home and soak her hands and see what showed up. I truly don't know that everyone gets the parasites in their hands like I do as Princess Five didn't have them there but they are on her face. Either way, she may be on the track to get the stool tested. I shared my blog address with her and she said she had been to the Dr. not that long ago but her fatigue just continues to increase. I suggested that I think it has something to do with cats and walking barefoot. She said she has several cats and she has never wormed them. So.... if these two women can get diagnosed, it would be interesting to see what the State or CDC would do if many people start showing up with this parasite. I am sad to think of how many of my friends and neighbors are suffering with these symptoms and have no idea what is going on and the Dr. don't know to check for them so God is in charge and I do think he had me speak to both of these single women who are so tired they aren't functioning in their lives. That is something I know all too well! 

I am not the only one with "Sit-itus" and I may have to change the name to "Horsehair-itus" if they come back with the same diagnosis's. I do think at some point, they will get a clue, I just hope it is sooner than later. 

I am on my third day of the "over the counter" treatment and the only thing I have noticed is that my stomach hurts like I have ulcers. Not like it is killing anything but like ulcer pain. I still feel them crawling around inside, still have the eye redness and goopy. Other than being tired, not noticing that it is doing anything just yet but I do have a huge infection. I think the Vermox pills are looking better and better. 

I didn't get back to my checkbook. I didn't get the hot red peppers processed but I did dehydrate a case of bananas. I did cut up the bell peppers and freeze them. I did enjoy dinner with Princess Five and I did get to visit with many friends and neighbors either by phone, in the store or when I distributed the bananas. And, I did get to follow some strong feelings that may have guided a few women in a path to help their health as both are so exhausted that it is effecting how they live. 

I continue to pray that God will give me the inspiration to figure this out and that in following that inspiration, others may be benefited and we can all give GRATITUDE for his blessing us in all they ways HE does! I don't know where I would be without inspiration and prayer. I am grateful to live in a country where I can write that freely without worrying about who will see it and how they will retaliate! 

You never know how your day will go when He is in charge! 

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