Monday, September 14, 2015

Parasite Update and Black Lines and White Dots on or Under My Figernails


I thought I had better stay away from my health issues as I concerned a few people with my "rant" on Friday.  I am just going to show some pictures of my nails and the white spots and dark lines which have just shown up for years now. I searched online for causes and couldn't find anything. After my last peroxide soak, about four of the lines showed up and then lots of "white" dots which I think are the nematodes and the lines are the actual worms. Gross information, but if I don't document it, others may have to try and figure it out for themselves and why remake the wheel. My niece also has these so I know I am not the only one with these but I just wanted to explain what you are seeing as you read. I'm using them as filler. Here is a post about them. Also, my hand rashes are back. I haven't been soaking them enough, I get busy and forget to do it and it hurts to do so I put it off.  
Of course, it has been a difficult week hearing that you have an illness no one else has but it doesn't change my daily life. I still feel how I feel. I guess I should have called my dad to tell him what was going on but as any father, he wants to fix the problem and since NO ONE knows how to fix this problem, I figured it would only frustrate him. However, not hearing it from me, I think made him more frustrated. I told him from now on I would call him with any news.

I then thought how I worry over my girls and want to fix all their problems and truly felt for my father. I would worry about me as well. I also got contacted by Princess One worried about my headaches. I thought I had figured them out but now I think they are related to the parasite getting worse. My left ear started hurting a week or so ago and has gotten worse.

I have had a migraine at some point of the day for four or five days in a row. Today, I didn't get up and attend church. You can ask my children how often that happens. I go no matter how I feel. I woke over and over in the night with dreams about water. 

I can't say that it isn't my mind playing some subconscious trick on me since I have read how this parasite can make it's host commit suicide by jumping into water.  I started thinking about it today as I didn't do much of anything being very tired and "weird" feeling all day.

I woke early with a headache and took some pills and went back to bed. Princess came in a few minutes later as I had just gotten back to sleep. I told her I wasn't feeling well so she attended church meetings with a friend. I woke and fell asleep with dream after dream about being on a boat and huge waves overtaking the boat. Or another was about me diving off the bow of a ship into the ocean. For one, I can't dive. Two, I would NEVER go head first into the ocean as I would jump in with my nose plugged as water gets in my nose when I dive as it does with everyone in my family. 
Twice today, even while awake, I went to a story in my head about a book I listened to a few months ago about an ocean liner going down in the middle of the ocean. This just happened at odd times through the day when I was laying on the couch or getting dinner ready etc. 

When I thought about it, I realized that I have been chewing ice lately, and in the last two months, I have purchased more Popsicles, creamies, Italian ice and any other frozen / water type treat I can get my hands on. That is NOT like me. I don't know if it is my way of keeping the parasite down with the cold, or if it is something I am craving because of them. I will eat 1-5 a day. I have never done that in my life. 

I am sorry for my rant last week, It is not something I usually do but when you feel horrible, sometimes one just needs to let it out. I really can't wait until Wednesday's test are over as I can feel these things getting worse as I can feel them now moving through my sinus and still moving through my heart. Before, it was mostly just pain but the past few weeks it has been actual moving in the heart were as before I could only feel them in my lungs and gut. 
I contacted the CDC and got transferred over and over to people who told me that they would give me information on my diagnosis only to say they had "no information on file for this parasite". Finally, they said they needed medical personnel to call and when I told them I was an RN, they happily gave me the number to that phone line. I left a message including the lab that did the test to diagnose the parasite, my Dr. name and my information praying that something would be looked at finally. 

I have had a few people contact me that have read my post and claim to have similar symptoms. If you know anyone that does, please have them contact me so I can gather names of people to be tested if I can get someone to listen. One of them has a pet reptile and feeds them crickets so I could see how they could get this but I hate bugs and most pets, so for me, that wouldn't be the way that I would get this.   

I did have a weird dream the other night. You know if you read my blog, I have had many dreams come true and a dream started this whole thing. I had a dream that I had three parasites and one was affecting my head. 

So, in this dream, I am with my brother. In real life, he has similar health problems and has to watch what he eats being gluten and casein free. He also had a weird eye problem where his eye iris wouldn't expand or contract and his pupil would stay open all the time. 

The woman I was sharing about with the lizard, it seems her son had some similar issues with his eyes. Anyway, that was a tangent from my dream. In the most recent dream, my brother and I were eating. In the dream, an autistic boy kept trying to get at my food and water. He wouldn't stop and I kept telling him "I wasn't finished yet." he wouldn't stop until he got my water from the table and started drinking it fast and as much as he could. I freaked out thinking I didn't want him to get the parasite from me. Then, Dr.'s or scientists came and started studying my food. All the sudden, there was a worm on my plate. Then, there were more and more and more and they started to morph and I walked away from the table and there were more and more scientists looking at these worms that started to morph and take wings and jump to the ground. It freaked me out and I woke up. 

It took me a few days to really grasp what I believe is the meaning of the dream. I think that perhaps autistic children get it in the womb from the fluid. Before they are in the world. As in, "I wasn't finished yet." and he was drinking in the water. Not sure how else to take it as I have no sons and don't share my water with anyone. 

The food part, at first, not many people are looking into this but once it gets out that a new human parasite has been discovered, it got more and more scientists attention. Then, as they found more and more cases of it, they discovered that there are more than one type. Similar to how there are many types of thread worm, there are many types of this worm. We have just been missing it due to the lack of being able to diagnose it and how small it is in the lung, lymph etc. 

Once they found it had many types, each scientist followed the type that concerned them. Some were on the ground and some took wings so those would be the more common once or it could mean that in the first stage they are in the soil and a scientist of soil looks at that phase of the parasites life. then it morphs into the lung / human lymph / heart stage. Then the gut stage. So, different doctors would study it in the different stages and the different organs that it effect. That is the end of dream stuff.

I got a call to donate blood this week. I wondered how many people will donate blood this week in our area who have symptoms of this and not even know they could be infecting someone else with this horrible curse? It made me think that it will be a long time or, maybe never again, that I will donated unless they start screening for this parasite and others. 

I will keep you informed of what response I get from the CDC, my echo and my heart condition and my response to the new over the counter medication I am going to try. 

I have felt water logged all day and yet still am drinking water. I also have been extremely tired today even though I haven't done much. My teeth and head have hurt but there is a storm coming in but I don't think it explains four or five days of severe headaches.   

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. I have some fun blog posts I want to share but figured I should update you after that horrible post last Friday. I will try to be more upbeat and grateful as I have shared with many of my friends and family this week. I AM grateful that I have the strength to push through the red tape to find a diagnosis. I could have treated myself and my family up front but wanted to be able to help my neighbors and family (extended) get treated and I can't just tell everyone to purchase something and take it. Many wouldn't even know the symptoms if I hadn't gone through this hyper infection as I only had a few of the symptoms before. I KNOW that God has HIS hand in this so I could help not just my own children and family, but neighbors and friends that are having different symptoms.  

I talked with a few people this week with some horrible health problems, surgeries, loss of jobs and family members and it once again made me VERY grateful for my life. Crazy as it may seem at the moment, it is mine!


  1. There are parasite cleanse....wormwood, walnut, yeast cleans, and metal cleans, oregano oil. Warm Epsom salt baths help. Eliminating all Sugar, honey, anything sweet helps too.

  2. I hope you get to feeling better. Hulda Clark has written several books on parasites and how to get rid of them. There are different things that work. First of all stop eating sugar and only eat organic foods and start oxidizing your water. Stop drinking all bottled water. next start taking warm Epsom bath and take wormwood, walnut tinctures, yeast cleanse, and metal cleanse. Do not sleep with pets. I hope this has helped.

    1. Yes, I have found Hulda Clark to be helpful. I have also have found Richard Schultz (herbalist) to be helpful. Working to rid your body of parasites, yeast, and heavy metals should help decrease your symptoms. Also, taking a good quality probiotic or start eating fermented foods might help. I would advise to avoid Kumbusha. Homemade yogurt might help also. Use goat milk and then add probiotic while you are making the yogurt. Hang in there. I agree it is important to not sleep with pets. There are some wonderful herbal books to help you treat your pets for parasites also.

  3. Don't give up. PB8 and drinking Aloe Vera juice might help also.

    1. Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried many of the things you suggest but I haven't heard of PB8 before. Is that a typo? I haven't tried the aloe juice for this but I will give it a try. I have NO pets or plants for that matter, I am so tired, taking care of anything at this point would be hard. I used to have a dog but she slept in a kennel and we have had no other pets. I am quite sure it is from the garden due to cats doing their business there. I used to take iodine and I think it helped in some ways but with the thyroid problems, I stopped taking it. I'll let you know how the aloe juice goes. I just remember it really "Cleaned me out." ;-)

    2. It is difficult for dr to test us for Adrenal issues and Thyroid only shows up when it is chronic. However there are some wonderful things to help your Adrenals and Thyroid. You might want to look into Walnut, Thyroid supplements from the health food store, and I take Ashwagandha and raw thyroid. Yes, PB8 is a kind of probiotic that doesn't have to be refrigerated.

    3. Thanks for all your wonderful suggestions. I have tried several of the above but will look into the ashwagandha as I haven't heard of that. I do want to share that I recently got a probiotic maker that makes 11 strains in 8 hours in a gallon of milk! It is amazing and so easy and no prep or clean up! It is called the ShakeGenie and you can get it on Amazon or from the website Truly, you know you are getting FRESH probiotics. I posted about it so search for it on my blog and I did three videos on my youtube channel thesecretisgratitude channel showing how easy it is to make and ideas for flavorings. I made some cilantro dressing with it this week with fresh garlic, cilantro, lime, etc and it was super good! God bless and have a blessed day!

  4. I am very thankful for finding this blog, Praise Jesus! After going through this for years and years, and my mom and family suffering from this I have tried research after research and web site after web site to no avail, and never knowing what was going on with us. After a lot of trial and error to get rid of these parasites I've tried using hot sauce, Genetian Violet, heat, cold, bleach, pine sol, Bag Balm, (Which made it worse) Vapo Rub, (Which made it worse) garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds, now I'm using peroxide, Dial soap, and eye drops for my eyes. This has helped me to know that I'm not crazy and I'm not alone. I pray for healing and deliverance for all of us from this parasite. I have no animals, no insects, so I don't know where this came from or how we got it but I pray through God's mercy and His grace He heals all of us who are suffering with this and gives us wisdom on how to defeat it in Jesus name, Amen. The health care people do not like to acknowledge this parasite as even being a human problem which I don't understand why. I will keep doing what I can to kill this and eliminate this from me, my family, and my home. Also daily cleaning, vacuuming, keeping dust down, weekly washing of bedding, curtains, etc. Helps to keep it down.

    1. Hey Melissa,
      Thanks for your post. I have so many people writing me and believe that medical people just have limited information, training and resources to use for this. I don't think any want to purposefully hurt anyone but they are trained to "know everything" so when someone brings them something they don't "know" they get defensive lots of times. I thank God that I was able to find my Dr. and that together we were able to get it diagnosed. It did take me three Dr.'s to find him so see if you can get worms and take them in for testing. Suggest the horsehair nematomorpha on a note explaining your situation and maybe linking them to my blog. I have tests, documents etc to show the symptoms etc. I know in Gods own time, He will help us find a cure. Right now, I think that enough people are having symptoms that they will have to take a look at it soon. I think it is in the soil like hook an thread worms and gets into your skin through contact with soil or with veggies grown in contaminated soil as the parasite likes water so maybe tomatoes, melons, cucumbers etc. Just speculation on my part but had a dream that it was in the salad I was eating. God bless you in your struggles with this and I will continue to post on it when I find new things that work or don't work! Thanks again for your comments.

  5. Yes mam. And thank you very much for your blog, and sharing your information.

    1. Melissa, I know this is frustrating but hang in there. I have had to change my eating, bathing, and household cleaning habits.

  6. I am sorry for all the anguish you are going through. I could be wrong but I have found that people are starting to complain about sickness due to eating foods that have been sprayed with toxic insecticides in the fields. Chemtrails has also exposed us to airborne toxins and more pilots are coming forward after they have gotten sick. People that have been bitten by ticks are also complaining of lingering sickness seems to have similar symptoms. Some say try to find a doctor that specialize in foreign disease (which means parasites). Personally, I have been trying to make my body more alkaline by simply drinking 1 tsp of baking soda on an empty stomach. I also take black walnut tinctures and I take "Modified Citrus Pectin" which is suppose to get toxic metals out of my body. I bath and take Alfalfa tablets. I have removed sugar, honey, brown sugar, syrup from my diet which seems to make my symptoms worse. I also only eat organic foods and I try to eat either onion and/or garlic daily. All of this seems to help but it seems to be ongoing. Getting your body more alkaline is important for making your body less hospitable for pathogens. Organic coconut oil 1 tsp in my food helps with gums issues. On my skin I use Neem, Coconut (pure), and soak in Artemisia. I hope some of this is helpful. More nurses are talking about this now as they are being inflicted and I have heard there is in the works a hospital opening (don't know where or when) to address these mysterious conditions. Please hang in there.

    1. Thank you so much for all your comments. I am going to reply to them all here. I haven't found any relief not eating sugar so I eat it but I have never been one to eat much candy but I do drink Coke daily as I am so tired so I try to cut back but when I go without, I just get nothing done. I went to a specialist in parasites and he told me 100% I didn't have a parasite and a week later the 8 inch worm came out. My Dr. called and gave the specialist a word or two as he suggested I take anti-psychotic medication because I was making up parasites. lol The specialist thought since I have taken all sorts of antiparasite medications, I must not have a parasite!
      I have tried many of the things you suggest, the alfalfa tablets bath with detergent etc. I have done something similar to baking soda, coconut, garlic, onion, a tumeric, onion, ginger root, sugar concoction, any and all parasite cure / cleanses I can find local and online, pumpkin seeds, neem, walnuts, and on and on.

      I have to limit coconut intake as I have a problem with fats and had my gallbladder out a few months back but it still doesn't like fats so I limit the coconut for now.

      I contacted a government funded place that sounds like what you are suggesting but they will only see people WITHOUT a diagnosis, once you know you have a parasite, they can't work on a cure because you have been diagnosed! Bummer that!

      Thanks for taking the time to write all the stuff out as it may help others as my stuff is in about 30 blog posts so it is nice to have it all on this post!

      Have a blessed day and I'll continue praying for all of us!

  7. I am sorry that the doctors are not more supportive. While I understand that doctors have taken an oath to help heal the sick I think the doctors simply do not know how to help those with these strange skin & immunity issues. It saddens me when I hear people being diagnosed with DOP-delusion of parasites. Doctors are now seeing so many people similar symptoms. Even nurses are complaining of these symptoms. However MDs are not trained, informed, or competent in addressing these troubling issues. I pray that you get the answers, resources, and support that you deserve. My prayers are with you. Thank you for this post. Having these symptoms do not mean that you are crazy or that you are making anything up. Hang in there.