Monday, August 31, 2015

Princess Five Getting Asked to Homecoming

This past week was a week of "firsts" fort Princess Five.Someone called the house phone which doesn't happen often. Princess Five answered the phone. It was a boy asking to speak to me.

Of course, this event when a dance is coming up would get Princess Five's mind going. Most of the time people call our cell phones and the only calls on the house phone are telemarketers and we NEVER answer the house phone so for him to call and for her to answer it and for her to be home with her busy schedule were all a weird coincidence.

When I got on the phone, I was asked if Princess Five had been asked to "Homecoming?" She hadn't been and she hasn't been on her first date yet. We don't date until age 16 in our family so I thought she would have been asked around her birthday for a date but we have been busy.

The boy wanted to come do something to her room. I am not sure what it is about the "decorating" the room that is so common, perhaps it is just an insight to the person they want to go out with but each of the girls have had their room decorated at some point in high school.

Here is Princess Four getting asked to her first date with them decorating a bedroom.  

Here is Princess Three being asked with her room being decorated.

The only thing I told the boy about decorating her room was: NO CONFETTI! We are still to this day finding mylar glitter in that room from when someone decorated it when Princess ONE was in that room. They asked about decorating her room and being new to the dating world, I said "yes." When they  had finished in about 30 seconds, I went down to discover they had just thrown mylar confetti around the room. Even when I removed the carpet and replaced it and the floor padding, we still find mylar in books, furniture etc every so often.

She knew something was up immediately when I told her she should "clean her room." She got so excited when I said that. She kept trying to guess whose voice was on the phone. I don't know if the boy had someone else ask to speak to me and then got on the phone or if he was nervous and she wasn't expecting to hear her friends voice but she thought he sounded like my friends son who is a neighbor.

She had two events to cheer at that day so he had several times when he could come and ask her. She rushed home after school thinking it may be there before her first event. She seemed a bit disappointed when she went down and there wasn't anything there. She had a friend come over between events and when she arrived home, I rushed down into her dark room with the camera and video so I could get her expression coming into the room.

However, since she had a friend, she didn't want to act over excited as there is the "cool" factor but she was excited.

She was really surprised by who was asking her only because she is good friends with the boy and she didn't recognize his voice on the phone when she answered it. She is very excited about going with someone she is friends with as she knows they will have fun. She is excited her first date is a dance and that it is with a friend.

He asked her with a large bag of popcorn and a cute note saying, "Now that I've Buttered you up, I'll POP the question." It is interesting that we discussed ways of answering "her date" the night before and one of the ideas we came up went along perfectly with his "popcorn" way of asking.

In fact, when he came to deliver the bag and put it in her room with his sister, I got a smile on my face when they came in and he was holding the popcorn as I knew we could actually use one of our ideas for the reply.

You can see her video above getting asked and tomorrow, I will post about how we replied to him. Now, we just have to figure out what she will wear. It isn't as formal a dance as prom and some wear shorter dresses so we will have to figure out what she prefers so I can alter it as needed as most dresses need some alteration to fit well. You will see what we decide as I am sure I will post about her first date.

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