Thursday, September 3, 2015

Two Big Days in Different Ways For Princess Five

I have had so much going on the past few months that I have missed posting about some big events in Princess Five's world.
The first one is the most current event. This past week, she tried out for a community choir. It has always been a bit hard to get onto as it covers at least three counties near our home. All the girls have been in the choir except for Princess Three. She could have been in it but was always so busy and every year on the try out date, she was out of town. 

Princess Five tried out for it a few years back but they try to give older kids the opportunity to be on it over younger kids that can be in it during later years of high school so Princess Four made it that year but Princess Five did not make it. Here is a posts about Princess Five in Concert. 

Here Princess Five finishes up her final concert tour. 

The choir tours over Easter weekend as that way the kids don't have to miss school. It will be fun for her to go and I know she is excited as you can tell in the video. 

Princess Five is the proud NEW owner of a State Drivers License! You have no idea of the joy this brings into my life. With her her in cheer, student government, 4-H and several other groups, my life has just become so much more simplified!!!!!

I have been driving kids around for over 25 years and having to get up to take them to school, early morning practices, after school practices, evening study session, games, etc, I am giddy with excitement that my Princess Five is now a legal driver!

Her older sister have taken issue with me that I didn't allow them to drive when they were in high school until they were leaving for college or another city to attend school. With each daughter, the age of them getting their drives license has gotten younger and younger due to the fact that the younger girls are so much more involved in things and I am tired of driving around like a taxi driver all day to different events! 

My life has been better these past few weeks as we get into a routine but I am still fighting health issues and not having to worry about waking to give her rides late at night or early morning has given me the ability to sleep which eludes me many times anyway. 

Princess Five obviously LOVES the fact that she can drive as you can see the grin clearly in the video and she can't hide it which she sometimes tries to do. 

We are both smiling with the fact that she is driving and I have to say that she has gotten a bit more relaxed behind the wheel now that she actually has her license. 

Sad to say, that I haven't quite gotten more relaxed now that she has it! She did pass the "Safe teen driver" course required by my insurance company and it is much cheaper than I thought it would be to which I am very grateful. So, I thought I would share these two big days in her life with you all as I often tend to miss them as there is so much going on and I think I have posted them when I actually haven't. 

Congratulations Princess Five for both wonderful events in your life! I have one more event I need to post that I missed for her. Another big day! Hopefully, I will get it done tomorrow! 

Yahoo for growing up and being involved in so many wonderful activities! You are an amazing young woman Princess Five and I am grateful to be your mom!

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