Friday, September 11, 2015

The Day I Don't Mind Leaving Behind

The last few days I have been contacting anyone I can find to ask about the the parasites as I am trying to find someone who may have information on how it is being spread. I called our local state extension for agriculture and got another number for the guy over animals, then, I got a number from him for a parasite person in another part of the state. 
I never got called back after two calls in several days so I contacted the State University person over animals. He got back to me today and he gave me the number of a man who is a parasite specialist at a veterinary college. I called him and left a message. The problem with all these calls and emails is it takes days sometimes to get a reply and then, they send me to someone else that takes days and so on. 
I don't have much time. I can feel myself getting worse daily. My lungs are in a bad way. I had a migraine before waking yesterday and took pills every four hours, drank over 2 liters of coke and tons of water and I was in bed the entire day. Today, I woke at 6:30 a.m. after finally getting to sleep about 3 a.m. 

I didn't have a headache this morning so I tried to catch up on what I didn't get done yesterday. I visited the Vet in town trying to find the cheapest source for the generic form of "Rid-X" as the stores here only have 2 ounces for $20 and that only covers a few doses and I need a months worth. I then thought that I could just get the one at the pharmacy over the counter and try it for two days and see if it is working as I would know up front as my infestation is so bad. 
I haven't taken any of the other anti-parasites meds for about a week now and my hair is still falling out by the hand full. Every person I am in contact with for more than five minutes comments or is pulling hair off me. I went to do laundry today and one of my shirts had about fifty hairs on it and just sitting down to the computer, I had to clean off my chair of about 8 hairs. Someone joked with me today that the second hand store has a few wigs for sale. I pray it doesn't come to that.  

I talked to the guy doing the cement work on my neighbor’s driveway across the street and he took back the jack hammer they were using which was frustrating as I called him three days ago to use it on my sidewalk as I only have one square I wanted to take out.  He told me if I rented the hammer and got out the cement, he would pour his left over cement in for me. I did this same thing last year when she had her sidewalk done. Here is that post 

So, I go over to rent it and they charged me $30 for the hour. I couldn’t get my freaking car started again. It was near 100 degrees and I was sweating so much and my sister's phone went right to voice mail so I called a friend. She came and it took me over half hour to mess with the car, get the thing home and start. I cried in her car so embarrassed my car wouldn’t start and the owner of the shop was kind of rude about my car. I wasn't feeling well and I had just wasted half of my hour trying to get my car to start. I have had three mechanics look at it and no one can figure out why it won't start when it is hot outside. I keep saying "Vapor lock" but they say that doesn't happen and when it gets cooler outside, it starts right up. This is the third time this week I was stranded as it has been a warm week. 
I rushed home and started on the sidewalk and was so hot after 30 minutes I thought I was going to have a stroke. I felt like throwing up and so I went in and laid on the table in front of the swamp cooler and drank ice water and called the guy at the vet school leaving a number and message for him to call me and look at my blog. 
I went back out and my sister showed up. She needed her girls to practice the piano so she helped me put some of the cement in cans but I needed the cement cut and I guess she know the contractor as his daughter is friends with her daughter. I'd been waiting for some time and my hour was far up by that point. 
He sent a worker over to cut the cement finally and then my brother-in-law showed up as I guess my sister was worried about how red I was and that I needed to throw up. My head was SPLITTING. He finished with the jack hammer to finish up the edges that were cut. I told them I would finish as it was near five and I needed to get my car and return the jack hammer. When I returned it, I asked if I needed to pay anymore and he told me "no." I am glad as I think $60 for two hours would be steep as it is only $100 for the entire day. I had my brother-in-law bleed the fuel line and it finally started but I can’t do both cranking the car and bleeding the line by myself so I was frustrated. It had to be 90 degrees out at 5 p.m. as the jack hammer handles were too hot to touch. 

I told the Guy at the store that I really tried to get it done quickly and he said, “You really cried in the car.” I was so upset. I was still trying not to throw up and my head felt like someone hit it with an axe. I said, “Yes, I did cry in the car, I have had a horrible week.” I was so upset, he said, “Just buy a new car!” I told him "by the time I sold the one that wasn’t working, I wouldn’t get enough for a down payment!” He said, “Cars are cheap!” What flipping planet is he living on? I've spent so much in court fees, medical bills, missionaries, car insurance and cell phones for 6, dance teams, home repairs, general life with five kids, there isn't much left! 

I got in my car and barely made it home before sobbing. My head hurt so bad, every time I moved I felt like someone was stabbing it. I walked in sobbing and it scared my poor daughter who rarely sees me cry. She had just gotten home from a dentist apt. I took some Tylenol and drank more water and she rubbed my feet with “panaway” oil and I laid down and fell asleep and she covered me with a blanket. I slept for two hours and got up at 7:30, went out and finished picking up all the cement. I couldn't do anymore at about 9:30 and my head was splitting again. I took more pills, ate dinner and Princess Five came home from cheer. We prayed and I did laundry, I wrote in here and I need to shower and it is after 2 a.m. 

 I can’t say I will miss today or yesterday in any way!            

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