Friday, September 4, 2015

No More Brace Face For Princess Five

I feel sad at times that I have missed posting about so many things. 
I take pictures of events and then have so much going on that I can't remember if I have posted about them but because I took pictures, I think I have posted on them. 

This is one of those crazy things. Princess Five got her braces off. She asked the orthodontist every month at her visit if she would have them off for her Cheer pictures. 
She was SO happy when she found that the orthodontist was going to remove them in July. As you know, my July was crazy busy but she was happy that they were off for the play, off for camp, and her favorite, they were off for cheer pictures.
Each year before they start school, the cheer squad gets pictures taken and then they hang them on the wall. 
She really wanted her braces off for those as she had them on for last years photo. She isn't sure she is doing cheer next year so she wanted one of her cheer pictures to be clear of braces.  

This orthodontist has put braces on all five of my girls. He has been helping our family for over 15 years. The girls are so spread apart in age that if I remember right, not one of my girls has had their braces on at the same time as another daughter.

I am not sure how many years the girls in total have had braces on. Princess Two started with three, Princess One had two if I remember right. Princess Three, Four, and Five at least a year. 

In that time, he has been subpoenaed at least three times for court and I am VERY grateful that they put up with that treatment and still gave my girls wonderful care. 

Many other Dr.'s wouldn't have stuck with our family through that type of harassment. I wanted to thank him and his staff for all their kindness and wonderful treatment of my girls and for giving them lasting wonderful smiles. 

He is a big follower of a specific sport team so we bought him a large platter for that team and filled it with treats and brought other treats for the staff. 

I thought it funny that the orthodontist has braces on and she doesn't. I will miss visiting with his office staff but won't be missing the payments!

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