Monday, September 7, 2015

Cute Curling Ribbon, Duct Tape Holder, Lace, Boondoggle Holder

I found a fun over the door towel rack on clearance at Kmart and thought it would be a cute way to store some different craft items that are on spools. 

I actually bought the towel rack for Princess Fours college room but they didn't have room behind the bathroom door as it is a VERY small bathroom and the door opened to a wall. 

For the $4 that it cost on clearance, it would have cost more than that to make it buying dowels and over the door hooks. I do want to make one however that does the same thing out of wood. I want to put it on over the door hooks and make it go to the ground so I can put my curling ribbon, duct tape, lace and boondoggle on it. 

I am hoping I can get my neighbor to help me make it from scrap lumber. It would be great with a slip in spot on one side and a hole in the other side. I am thinking I can make it hold all of the items needed with just two pieces of wood and some dowels and old curtain rods I have already. 
I'll definitely share it when I get it made but wanted to share this for those who may not have lots of items but still want a cute and easy way to store ribbons yet keep them handy.  

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