Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Who Will Help the Babies.... Horsehair Nematomorpha Gordian Worm Human Infection Update

I wanted to give an update on how the medication I was trying last week for my parasite worked.DO NOT take Pyrantel for this parasite unless you want HELL in your life for as long as you are taking it!!!!!

The first two days I didn't see much of anything going on. The third day, I had some loose bowel movements. That night when I took the fourth dose, I DID NOT SLEEP FOR ONE SECOND that night. The parasites were PISSED OFF and ANGRY!!!

They started moving. I could feel them piercing and burrowing through my guts getting out of the digestive tract and they went into any major muscle they could find to "hide" from the medication. I was up all night with charlie horses in my muscles, muscle spasms, feeling them creeping into my feet, hands, calves etc. It really hurt when they started burrowing into the muscles. It felt like someone took a hot thick pin and pushed it into my muscles.

I continued taking it for six days total and in that time, I didn't sleep at all for two full nights due to pain and the other two nights , I woke fitfully and in pain all night long. It was HORRIBLE!!!

The night after I stopped taking it, they started burrowing back into my gut and the pains and bloating and gas in my guts woke me all night and I had horrible gas for a few days as they burrowed back into my gut after stopping the medication!

I had also purchased some Pyrantel paste (Pyrantel is the generic name of the medication in the "Pin-X" medication I was taking to see if it would work.

I liked how it drove the parasites in from the rashes on the skin so I will try putting that on the rashes again but I won't take the medication internally again. It just made them really mad and it wasn't worth the pain even if it did kill some. I don't think it did kill any as I have been having about the same pain levels.

With that bit of news documented for those looking for a cure, I can now share about some other things relating to the parasite. It has been a month or so since I contacted the CDC and have had no reply. Not shocking as this isn't Ebola but it is deadly, it just takes time and kills its victims more slowly.

I keep running into people with symptoms and it isn't like I start talking about this with everyone I meet. It just is a constant reminder to me that God in in charge when it comes to this. I had my credit card in hand after researching several Vermox (Mebendazole) places online and was about to purchase a bottle of 1,000 pills. I said a prayer and God told me to hold off.

I didn't hear a voice but I just "knew" that I couldn't do it. The reason that came into my head was that if I purchase it and take care of my family, I wouldn't have any incentive to continue the fight to get this parasite known and get an easy blood test for it etc. The thought that came into my head was, "Who will help the children?" Not many people are as dedicated as I am when I know that something is right. I will fight the fight to make things right. Many people tell me that I should just worry about my self and that is right, I should take care of myself. However, I believe that God gave me this from the beginning to help figure it out for those that can't do it for themselves!

You can ask my children, my Dr, my extended family and they will all tell you that from the beginning, years ago, I felt like I was to figure this out for my mom and kids. Now, I know I am supposed to figure it out for everyone.

Last week, I got a text from the food bank telling me that they had LOTS of bananas that were beautiful to share if I had time. Two days, I went and got a car full sharing with anyone that wanted them. I was at one home and dropped off a case. I was about back to my car when I remembered that the husband told me he knew a woman whose journal I found at a second hand store. I posted her name online asking if anyone knew her and he did. So, I turn around from my car and head back to the house.

He is now on the phone. I am awkwardly standing facing his wife. I know her but we aren't friends so I wasn't sure what to talk about so I blurt out, "We finally figure out what my health problems are! I am thinking to myself, "Why did you even bring this up?" I then start telling her the symptoms I had I think before I even told her that it was not a human parasite.

She then gets a weird look on her face and tells me her baby has the same symptoms!!!!! We are at her door. I turn around and her baby is sitting in the dirt flower bed next to the door wearing a tank top and shorts. No shoes and is covered in dirt!!!! I ask if she has cats. She said they had but had never wormed them when I asked about it. I told her I thought her babies problem was the dirt she was sitting in!!!

I shared with them how I soaked my rashes and the white parasites showed  up and how her rash was in exactly the same place on her foot as my foot. However, she has them on her hands, knee and face as well.

As you can see in these lower pictures, it just looks like white flaky skin. Nothing exciting. It just looks like psoriasis or eczema.

She first tried the peroxide soak by just stick her foot in a bag while she took her in the shower but that only lasted a few minutes. However, her mom did notice some white bumps in just that short time. When she told her husband about it, he is a nurse, he told her it was probably just the peroxide bubbling or burning the skin....

That was until he soaked her foot and saw them on her rashes himself! She sent me the top four pictures while I was out of town. I am so sad for her! They have been using a humidifier in her room for a long time because she has the "cough" associated with the parasites in the back of the throat. It hadn't helped and they didn't know what to do. Now, I can't "treat" their daughter but I shared that I have had relief by drinking the diatomaceous earth and by putting it on the rashes at night. They started doing that. I told her mother that I wouldn't give up until I figured it out as they are both beside themselves not knowing how to help her.

They changed to a diffuser in her room at night and I suggested the "rosemary" oil as the parasites don't like that and it will help her lungs as that is what helped me breath more easily. I know her dad just wants to treat her but I shared today (when I was over there helping them gather specimins out of her stool which they can hopefully identify,) that she can't tell him if the medication is hurting her and until I am SURE that the vermox will work and not cause more problems, I would hesitate to give it to a non-verbal child and they do caution that it not be used in children under two.

He shared his fears that the parasites will harm her further if he waits but I shared that it could harm her more if the treatments isn't just right. I haven't treated my children yet for that same reason. After the other medication didn't work and is making my hair fall out, I decided to not treat them until I KNEW for sure that what I figure out will cure them.

I pray that the specimen they took in today will yield results so that people may start taking notice as I have friends at either end of my state that also have symptoms. There has got to be someone who can help figure this horrible thing out. I am disappointed in the state and CDC for not getting more involved in this as I KNOW it is affecting MANY people and not just in our state. People are writing me from all over the country but we still need to get them diagnosed and the laboratories aren't aware that it is a human parasite so it is getting discarded and false results are being reported!

When I entered their house today, the baby was at the door. The mom opened the door and the baby picked up her left foot to show me. She is only about 15 month old but I truly think she knows I am trying to help her. I have only been to their house a few times dropping off produce from the food bank so the baby doesn't know me at all. Funny how children and animals know when you are trying to help them. That foot is the one they soaked and they soaked it many days ago so it was just weird to me that she showed me that foot.  

I can't be SURE the parasite comes from cats but I truly believe it is in the soil and is being spread by cats due to the dream I had (actually several dreams) and the fact that my sister-in-law got the rashes on her hands from cat scratches. Also, if people are worming their cats, the only medications available are the ones I tried and they are NOT working so worming their cats at this point isn't going to do any good unless they use something other than the three medications I tried, Ivermectin, Albendazole, and Pyrantel. Those are the same vet drugs and the vet DOESN'T even have VERMOX (Mebedazole) available!!!

Mebedazole is the drug they use to "deworm" tropical fish!!!! This is a water parasite and worm so doesn't it make sense that the Vermox would be the parasite medication of choice for a water worm parasite? While doing my research the other day, I came across another fish dewormer called "Praziquantel" or "Biltricide" so looking it up, it seems it maybe be available for prescription in the US. I am going to my Dr. today and will find out if it is available.

The more I find out how many people are affected with this, the more I think I need to get it "out there" so maybe my calling in life is to be the "parasite" lady if nothing more than to save the babies and children of life full of lung and eye damage. I forgot to share that the baby in my neighborhood has been having the pink eye and goopy symptoms as well. I shared with them how I keep them down in the eyes and head and her mom said she had some colloidal silver and was going to try that to help keep her eyes safe.

 I drive home from their house and the vacant house across the street from me has two cats sitting in the yard. The have never sat there before. It is almost like they know no one will scare them away. I jumped out of the car with my camera but one had scattered behind the house and the other started walking slowly to the neighbors yard.

I laughed, but cried a little, when I looked at the cat prints on my car as I got out! I pray daily that I can figure this out quickly and get the right people to spread the word. My daughter thinks I should go on the Ellen Degeneres show. Why she would want a lady with a insect parasite on the show, I can't figure but if it would help get this into the world and help save some suffering and health problems in babies and children, I am all for it!


  1. I have this same parasite. I have been fighting it for years. Put it into remission several times. Learned of meds that flare it up and even have pics of 100's of them coming out of my skin at once.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have commented on your Youtube, in the past, and just found this article. Have you thought about ordering DEC (heartworm pill) from the pet sites? My situation has progressed to Filarias where every pore has a feeding worm. When they become mobile, they move down the leg and enter the feet. This is autogeneration. I have emailed and called CDC, Doctors Without Borders, Health Depart, and many nonprofits. None of those organizations care. Right now I am coating the feet with Pine Tar and double wrapping them. The Lymph nodes are swollen and I had severe chest pains last week. I ordered the DEC and will let you know how it goes. All 4 of my indoor cats got this and were euthanized. Entire households, in my neighborhood, are dying very quickly. My entire family is fighting for their lives.

    1. I am so sorry to hear about your family and pets and your health as well. I don't think that people don't care, what I have found is that it terrifies Doctors, Lab workers and neighbors as no one knows what to do an Dr., medical people etc don't like to look stupid or that they don't know everything so when someone shows them something they don't understand or know how to fix, they get angry or condescending. I had a lab worker whom I have worked with in the past tell me I was crazy etc when I wanted to send in the 8 inch worm. When I told him the symptoms and that I thought it was not a known parasite, he was adamant that science knows all parasites. When the parasite came back diagnosed, I talked with him and he told me he had all the symptoms I told him I was having and it scared him and when it came back as not a known human parasite, would could he say.... He is a good person and a great medical technologist, he was just scared and didn't like to admit he had symptoms or that he didn't know everything.

      Please let us know if the DEC works for you. I haven't heard of that and in talking to vets about my parasite, none mentioned it so I couldn't know to try it. I really hope it works for you! If so, I am sure there are lots of people who would be happy to hear it! I am fighting liver / gall bladder symptoms presently and need to do an update on things.

      I'll say a prayer for you...

  3. I used Dr. Huldla Clarks PARASITE ZAPPER and it worked!!!!! here is a link to one seller that has a good price but many people sell these now and you can find a good source for one. You have to try it, I suffered from the age of 3 to the age of 27 and now I am free of parasites. I do use it on and off to keep myself clean and clear!!F.M. said...
    I used Dr. Huldla Clarks PARASITE ZAPPER and it worked!!!!! here is a link to one seller that has a good price but many people sell these now and you can find a good source for one. You have to try it, I suffered from the age of 3 to the age of 27 and now I am free of parasites. I do use it on and off to keep myself clean and clear!!

    1. Thanks for posting F.M. and letting us know what worked for you? How long did you have to use it daily and for how many months / years to get rid of them? Thanks

  4. I am working in this erradication. Im going to come back to this blog if this insane routine with 6 specialists teaming up on this works. Why is society not worried?! Having this is like being in the twilight zone. I feel terrible for animals with no ability to treat themselves. I feel so badly for you that your kids are affected. Hopefully ome of us finds a routine to cure it and helps each other. I posted about high strength peroxide. I would definitely experiment with that. I have been able to destroy the eggs after they surface. Of course more are laid but I brought down the population so much that I have days with no eggs to be found under the skin. My bowel is full of natural antiparasitics every 8hrs that stun them and I have nothing in my diet that could be creating what I see in my stool, buu I dont bother to get it tested. i have lost faith in the healthcare system. They brushed off all my warning signs until i made eggs surface and cut them out to hand them over with a worm. the doctor said he just didnt have anything in his training to navigate this and he is sorry.

    1. It is true that the Dr.'s don't get any training in this. They look up what we do on the internet and have no answers either. Hopefully, the lab can diagnose it for you. The more that can be diagnosed, the better. I am trying something new and will post if it works. Best wishes......

  5. We have this my boyfriend,me and my dog. Why want they do something besides look at us crazy. I've tried everything but looks like they would come up with something to fight this. The pain is terrible. Is there a special doctor I need to see? Can someone point me in the right direction?

    1. Hi Jennifer, I got both your notes and appreciate that your did two so that I could publish this one without your email. I get so many people that write but include their contact information in the note that I can't post their comments publicly which may help others so I appreciate that.

      I am SO sorry you are dealing with this horrible thing. As of yet, I haven't found a "cure" that is functional. I am currently taking something that is over $1200 for half a month or so treatment and it doesn't seem to be doing much but will post about it soon so keep tuned to the blog and the youtube channel of the same name.

      I would suggest that you contact a family practice Dr. that is NOT a specialist as the specialists have NEVER been able to help my girls or I with the issues we have had and cost a HUGE amount of money. What you need is a Dr. that can order the tests to be run and the meds that may cure it eventually. So, I share that if you can get tested for hook and thread worm just to rule them out. Then send in any worms you can find in normal saline (contact solution) so they can test them. You have to send up that you have been tested for hook and thread worm and they came back negative and that you think the worms may be "horsehair nematomorpha) as they won't find it in the database for humans if they look so you will get no diagnosis so you need to tell them where to look if you don't have a parasite on the database!

      I would also soak your hands in the peroxide until all the little bumps come up the night before you go to the Dr. Then take a little spray bottle into the DR. office with you and don't spray your hand until he is looking at it. Then, spray it and it should only take a few seconds for all the little white parasites to show up. He will KNOW then that it isn't peroxide burns and may be able to take a few scraping samples and send them up but make sure he does it in normal saline and to label that you think it is "horsehair" nematodes so they can get an idea of what they are looking at. The peroxide may have destroyed them so I don't think that is the best way to get diagnosed but it is a method to show your Dr. you have them in your lymphatic which is what hook and thread worm do. Perhaps you have one of those parasites but a normal Dr. can diagnose you with those and then treat you for those.

      I wish you well in your search and I will continually post what I am doing or trying in order to help those that are suffering with this. God bless you and yours!

    2. Hi I am currently being treated for morgellons and it sounds like what you all have been talking about. I have had it for over a year now and it seems to be eating me alive,but I just started taking alinia. I have tried other parasitics witch helped a little but nothing like what I'm doing now. I also started taking lauricidin(monolaurin supplement) they are tiny little pellets. The first time I took them I thought I was going to go crazy because of everything that was coming out of my pours and everywhere. Watched them pop out little black dots, white wormy things everywhere and black thread like things were coming out of not just my sores but everywhere. My eyes, my nose,my skin,my hair (whats left of it anyway),well everywhere. Could feel them crawling all over my skin and with a magnification app on my
      phone I could see them clearly. I learned a while back that taking a bath in Vinegar,hydrogen peroxide,Epson salt,baking soda,and tea tree oil helps pull them out of your skin and it does help a lot as hot as you can stand soak till it's cooled about 30 45 min and then cover your skin with Dawn antibacterial soap leave on for 10 min then shower and scrub off.Do this for at least a week everyday. I haven't figured out how to get it out of my clothes yet though they seem to like to hide in the stitching. Just an fyi alinia is not cheap my Dr has me taking it for a month and the only way I can get it is if I order a 3 day supply thats 2 pills a day. 10 times its 10.00 each time. With the manufactures coupon. So it would cost me 1700.00 if I ordered a 30 day supply but I figured out how to do it for a 100.00 a month instead. I also found out I have Lyme disease. I have videos upon videos of these worms moving.That was the only way I got a doctor to not tell me I was crazy or just over stressed. She was so suprised by the video she sent it to a bunch of other Dr's even was shown around at one of the confrences. Don't know if it was my video or not but slowly Dr's are starting to come to terms that morgellons is a real disease and not a bunch of crazy people pulling string out of there bodies.Hope this helps a little.I have several other Health problems so I sleep a lot but if u have questions I would be happy to answer them for u.

    3. Hi Shawnie, I am so sad every email I get about how many struggles people have trying to get diagnosed and am even sadder that there isn't a "cure" that works for everyone yet all the "maybe" cures cost thousands and thousands of dollars. I will be doing and update on my situation soon and hope that someone finds something that works on killing them as I know it truly is killing my as my lungs are getting so damaged. I am also super tired but this is also a symptom of these parasites.

      I am interested in the two treatments you mentioned and will look into them more when I have some time. I am currently out of town etc. I appreciate your sharing what has worked for you.

      The only caution I have with the soaking and antibacterial is that three of those items kill off the normal flora that is on your skin and by using them, you open yourself up to different infections such as fungus infections or other opportunistic bacteria so I won't be trying those methods even though they may work on the parasites. Let us all pray that some scientist will have an inspired moment and figure out how to kill them off in the body without you having to sell your home to purchase them! I looked into a few other things that may work that are herbs verses medication the I want to try as well. God bless!

  6. Please help me! Myself and my entire family have this I am 110% sure. The doctors keep giving us the run around it is so frustrating.

  7. I need help my baby has this as well as myself please help

    1. Dear Jonathan, I am SO sorry to hear you and your family are suffering with this. I get so frustrated that more isn't being learned about this but there isn't anyone to blame. Dr's aren't taught this as it hasn't been studied so your best bet is to find a Dr. that is open to new things. Many aren't but there are some. Find some worms, send them in in saline, Don't lose hope, pray if you believe in God, and hopefully we can find a way to get through this nightmare until science catches up! I am doing all I can to try different things, to get tests done, to educate others and give this information to others so that they can be tested and we can get more people diagnosed so the CDC and Science can figure it out. I wish I had more to offer you. I don't have a cure and am suffering right along with you. I'll say a prayer for you and your family. Have a BLESSED Day!

  8. Hi, I would like to ask. Do you have a build up of biofilm on your skin. The areas generally wide spread this, includes palms and soles. I believe I share this morphological worm too. However I may have other pathogens dormant. Biofilm has been another issue for me

    1. I do have a thick waxy film on my body since getting the hyper-infection. I didn't notice it when I first had this for a few years but now, I have this waxy skin mostly on my skin over my lung and thyroid where the infection is seriously overgrown. I also have this on my hair weirdly enough, my hair feels super waxy and never "clean" unless I color it with peroxide and then it feels super good for a few days. I can scrape fingers full of wax stuff every shower off my chest and neck. It is super gross but use a pumice stone to scrape it off every shower which seems to help. I share about this on one of my youtube videos when I share about the lines under my nails. Thanks for your comments. Have a BLESSED Day!