Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marijuana Buds - Parasite Cure Study

This will be a weird post. I tell those that contact me almost daily, that I will keep them informed of whatever I find about the horsehair nematomorpha parasites through the blog. I hesitate to write things often as it freaks friends and family out hearing about the parasite on a regular basis so I haven't written in some time about it. 

I took Mebendazole, Vermox, Emverm etc. I posted that it was over $300 a pill. I started out on the regular 100 mg a.m. and 100 p.m. Nothing. I then took 200 mg a.m. and 200 mg p.m. Nothing. I then took 400 mg a.m. and 400 mg p.m. Nothing. I figured that back in the day when I took the Vermox I had in the cupboard, that I was taking 2 pills a.m. and 2 pills in the p.m. as the pills were 15-20 years old and I figured they didn't work well. However, I don't know if they were the 100 mg or the 500 mg pills. My guess now is that they were 500 mg pills. I jumped up to 700mg in the morning and 700mg at night for one day to see if I felt anything and I felt NOTHING! 

I was so sad about this as it was my big hope but my eyes are so yellow and I am having some tests done currently on my lungs and liver etc so I didn't want to tax it any more. I spoke with my Dr. about it and truly, he doesn't know what to do but thought at least trying that higher dose was worth it to see if there was any moving around with the medication. NOPE! No moving, no leaving into the muscles, no agitation etc.  

I have had THREE dreams that I needed to chew marijuana leaves to help me with the parasites. I don't drink alcohol, I don't drink coffee or tea, I don't smoke, and I don't use marijuana. I didn't even know if chewing the leaves was an option as in movies you always see them eat brownies or smoke it. I had never heard of anyone chewing leaves before. I didn't do any research until after the third dream in a week. If you read this blog, you know I have dreams and that the dreams often times will come true. See my first post about that here

In fact, the reason this parasite was discovered at all, was due to several dreams I had which led me to my current Dr. I had a dream about the lab tech that was working when I took in the parasite that was finally diagnosed. He has not been working before or after when I have taken things in or had my labs drawn. I told him BEFORE we sent the specimen in that I had a dream that he was the one that helped me get the parasite diagnosed, he thought I was crazy because I told him that I believed it was a "not before known human parasite" and he got upset about that. When the result came back, we talked and are fine but I think it scared him to realized that there are things science doesn't have answers for all the time.  I had a dream about the nurse working the day I had my surgery and her name and told others about the dream long before then and it was the nurses first day at work. I believe strongly in dreams and they have led me to some wonderful blessings. 

I had a dream that I needed to eat purple brussel sprouts. I did not know there was such a thing as purple brussel sprouts but on a google search, up comes purple brussel sprouts. You can purchase seeds for them on Etsy for $2.20. I really don't want to grow anything in my yard for obvious reasons with a soil / garden parasite when the neighborhood cats use my garden as a huge litter box so I am hoping I can talk my local grocer into purchasing some. 

There was a type of green pepper that was speckled in the dream as well but I haven't taken the time to look that up. I have no idea what vitamin or minerals would be in purple sprouts verses the green ones but I will work on finding some as I have had dreams about eating apricot seeds with avocado many years back to find out later that anything you eat with avocado is absorbed better and I have posted in the past about the benefits of pits. Here is a link to that post.

So, in my last dream about chewing marijuana leaves, I saw some whiteish tips that I needed to chew. I have no idea what a marijuana plant looks like growing so I am telling the chiropractor about it and he tells me there are no white flower clusters or tips. It wasn't until I was writing this post that I looked up pictures of marijuana plants and it is exactly what I pictured in my dream. So, I am wondering why I would be dreaming about chewing on raw leaves. I didn't swallow the leaves, just chewed on them and then spit them out after the juices were in my mouth.

I did a search for "parasites marijuana" and up comes a study by a Washington University professor on Aboriginal tribes in Africa showing that the men in the tribe that smoked marijuana had much less parasites than other tribe members that did not use marijuana. I then searched for "Chewing marijuana leaves parasites" I found all sorts of pages where people that smoked pot "felt" parasites. I found one page that really kinda freaked me out and I will share why. 

A few weeks back, I ate something and the parasites DID NOT LIKE IT! I can't figure out what I ate and have tried over and over to recreate whatever set them off. I could feel about 15 LARGE parasites and could tell you exactly where they were in my body at every second for a few hours. I could feel every move and felt one go from my head all the way to the base of my spine on one side and then back up. At any given point on any day of the week, I could tell you where one is, or maybe two if they are moving and if I eat something they don't like or chew on ice for awhile, I feel a few moving a way from the digestive tract but that was nothing compared to this. I ate some peppermint ice cream that Princess Four left behind, I have tried drinking things with a few drops of peppermint in them. I have been eating lots of homemade cilantro dressing and thought it could have been that so I have actually gulped down a few ounces thinking it may have been that. I can't figure out what caused the reaction! 

I am looking on this site that I linked to from the search about chewing leaves and I read an encounter a guy has after smoking pot and he describes to a TEE exactly the experience I had. However, I didn't have pot to get my reaction but I can't tell you what I did eat! I don't know why the dream was to chew it, especially the tips / flowers / white part but in the dream, it was fairly specific. I did read where some people chewed their leaves and  said they had a longer more mellow high but needed more pot than smoking to get high. I have NO idea, but wonder what chemical is specific to raw, fresh marijuana that would affect the parasites! 

There were lots of people writing on this site about having all the symptoms of the parasite I have and they all grow their own "pot" so I am guessing that it is in the potting soil they are using to grow their plants as I had a lady tell me she had some potting soil in her garage and thought there were strings in it and picked up these two long "strings" only to have them whip around and hit her in the face and were the horsehair worms! She has all the symptoms I have now and is sure it is from her potting soil! 

Research says that Marijuana kills parasites in a petri dish so maybe there is something to my dream. My Dr. asked if I was going to take a" road trip" and find some to use thinking it may be worth it for documentation. I told him I would have a VERY hard time doing that. I told him that I felt like my experience with the parasites was probably so I would recognize and understand what the person and other commenters were talking about on the forum about pot use and parasites. Maybe the cure is linked to the tips and buds of marijuana. I think maybe the "chewing" portion was to get the benefits without having to take the drug internally but absorbing it through the mouth being more effective. Most things I looked at about it, say that ingesting it without cooking it is harsh for the digestive tract and you don't get high. Frankly, I am fine not getting high and would love to use it to kill off the parasite but until science figures it out, I will continue my search for a legal cure and will continue to post about what I find and share how things are going. I only posted this so that eventually, when someone is looking for a cure, they can take this and research it! I am NOT suggesting that anyone try smoking or chewing on pot especially as there are lots of articles on how much pesticides are on even legal pot. I know I had a problem when I tried tobacco tea. I couldn't take it because the pesticides on it made me sick.

I am worried my lungs are much worse and the liver is an issue but I am fighting the good fight and still working on being more positive in my world. I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED DAY!


  1. I feel compelled to write you and at least thank you for your great courage and generosity. I found your site a few days ago while on my search for a cure or knowledge or anything to help ease my pain and fear. Not wanting to burden you further with my problem I held back. I have never spoken to anyone online about this and only to my sister in the real world knows. She doesn't like to hear about it either. To quote a famous line from a movie "they can't handle the truth" After 7 years of searching,reading everything i could find,seeing doctors and veterinarians and public health department. Going from thinking I had mites,yeast bacteria to worms and back again. Over and over.Taking horse meds,antibiotics,natural cures I found your site. I don't even remember what I searched for. Finally. The answer. That brings some comfort to at least be sure of what im living with and I'm one hundred percent convinced you have hit the nail on the head.
    Further searching the hairworm I'm found some interesting studie . It in the recent past and probably still is being used as a pesticide to kill grasshoppers/locusts. Very dry reading and since I am not a very scientific minded person it's difficult to understand but from reading between the lines and from others observations I'm thinking it has been genetically modified and somehow one of its life cycles is a spore. That accounts for the dust being alive.
    I've been reading your blog and youtube for days and I want to tell you I have never written to another soul on this subject. It's difficult to trust. This has consumed my life. I've read everything everything for these seven years and one thing that really stands out. Aside from crooks and rogues trying to make a buck off of our misery I have never in my years of using the web seen such organized animosity towards those of us who suffer this. In my opinion there is an agenda to shut us up. Please keep posting anything you find that can help. You blog has been a great comfort to me and many others I'm sure of it.

    I wanted to tell you this. My husband passed away a few years ago and his sister said everytime you find a penny it means he's thinking of you. It was so sweet and I found many pennies when opening my car doors and found coins in many random places. I had forgotten that. You reminded me to look again. I felt like you are an angel sent from God when I found your site. Just to finally know what it is. I can't begin to thank you enough. My name is Kathryn I live in Alabama. I'm close to your age and I am amazed by you're many accomplishments and your strength. God bless you and your beautiful family

    1. Truly Kathryn, you nearly brought me to tears. I can't tell you how horrible some people can be when they can hide behind the web. Then, daily, I get stories from people like you searching for anything that will help them understand what is happening to them. I keep telling my daughters that at least we know what the parasite is and I can understand its cycles as it is so similar to thread and hook worm. I feel so sorry for those that have no idea of what is going on and can just feel these things creeping around their body, the rashes, the depressing thoughts etc. It is a nightmare without end. Sleeping is horrible as you wake with them coming out of holes etc.

      I am grateful for you Kathryn and I am sorry for your loss with your husband but I do believe God sends angels to leave us things like "pennies" and other reminders to Trust in Him and remind us that we matter to those who have passed on before us. We are so blessed to have God in our lives as there are so many that are lost and without hope. I will pray for you and all those that write and call me nearly daily! At some point, God will reveal His hand and we will see why he had the cure held until I put this out there for others to see. I KNOW that they will figure out how to cure this, it just may not be on our time line. God bless!

  2. I meant to also tell you there is an organic tobacco that's supposedly pesticide free found in the smoke shops but since our nematodes are being used for pesticides...another quandry. I do seem to recall hearing or reading about tobacco juice being used to deworm dogs in the old days. I can tell you I smoke cigarettes and it hasn't phased this thing. Not one bit. It's a caution to try the juice as it can be dangerous. My heart pounding out of my chest as it is but I'm thinking of giving it a try myself. We need something that not only reaches our insides but that permeates every layer of skin I think and that won't kill us.if they can be killed. The cdc study I believe or maybe it was some military study on morgellons said the "fibers didn't burn when exposed to extremely high heat" the hairworms well do burn. I've burned 100s of them. what they were looking at in their study? Makes me wonder

    1. Kathryn, I so sympathize with your story. I truly understand what you are going through and you don't know how much I appreciate when people thank me for sharing this extremely personal nightmare but I believe God won't give us things we cannot handle and believe I am doing this as a sort of a mission as I believe that it is causing a huge depression and suicide problem. This parasite causes its host to kill itself! I know that there are many people being told they are crazy by Dr. and family who don't understand what a nightmare this is. It isn't like we have run to Dr.s our whole lives seeing treatment for fake things. This many people can't have just decided to go crazy in later life or small children who have the symptoms can't all be crazy. Kids don't make this type of thing up!

      I really didn't do well on the tabacco so I think I am going to avoid that for now. I did have cattle men tell me it works on their cattle but I tried what others told me and had a really bad allergic reactions to it.

      I think this parasite can go into a "stasis" mode and encapsulate itself into a cocoon of sorts if needed in extreme temperature or chemical changes so perhaps the cdc was looking at them in that stage. I know in the second phase, they die in hydrogen peroxide as the soaks kill them off in massive numbers but it is super painful. I know there is an answer out there and it will be found in time. Lets pray it is sooner than later. I appreciate you taking the time to write and hope you have a blessed day!

    2. Very true about the children. Pets also. My poor cat got this from me i am sure of it. She scratches and itches and this, it is very weird seems to hear or see things sometimes that I can't. Me
      not being a big fan of Dr's and knowing nothing about morgellons parasites or scabies, I had read up on it before I eversaw my first dr. I knew well not to say anything much aside from a basic description of what I was going through. Here's where we differ opinions. They know. When I went to the health dept. There was a definite fear the about them when they saw the scratches and bites. Refusing to give scabiies but offering nothing else. They know. I will go to my grave believing that.

      You are so smart and strong, I envision hearing one day your story in the major news and that we will finally be taken seriously. We need a real microbioligists that can't be threatened or bought to help us. Sadly I know it's only a dream but I want to say again you have given me hope again as after all these years I was giving up. Just to know what we are dealing with for sure gives a great deal of relief. Again thank you and best wishes for a soon future free of this awful thing as you so richly deserve

    3. Thanks again for all your support and comments. I know my local health dept has no idea as I am friends with them. I can't speak for all but as a Nurse, I know we get no training on anything like this and it really does sound crazy so I can't judge any medical professionals. They are people doing their best. I just hope they catch up soon. Thanks again and have a BLESSED day!

  3. Dear Tejae,

    I stumbled across your YouTube video with a random morbid fascination of zombie parasites.
    I am unsure as to why I decided to look them up, but believe God intended to lead me to you.

    I was hoping to read your blog and see that you were able to find a solution, but it appears you're still looking.
    I am unsure what you all have tried, so I will share my story in the hopes that it helps you, but I suggest creating a page with a listing to help others rule out things you have tried unsuccessfully.

    My family experienced a similar story to yours, though not related to parasites. Our youngest daughter, who had always been cheery, helpful, kind and loving. Over a few months slowly began to become increasingly defiant, oppositional, and violent. The behavior started shortly after what we thought were night terrors, something that runs in her mother's side of the family. Where she would scream in the middle of the night, just shortly after falling asleep, shaking and tensed as if having a nightmare. She would wake up confused before going back to sleep. This persisted randomly for a week or two and then she stopped having them. But her behavior changed. Her potty training regressed and she began wetting and pooping herself. Instead of eating her food she would smear it on the table, on her face and body or throw it or her entire plate of food across the room. She began drawing on the walls with anything she could find, like taking food from the fridge or using her feces. She even began hitting her mother. It got to the point she was no longer welcome at places like daycare, freinds houses, and others who knew her telling us she wasn't the same. Then the terrors returned, this time while she was awake. After seeing a couple myself (as I generally was at work or sleeping), I did some research and discovered she was having seizures. We took her to the ER, who kept her for over a week, poking and prodding at her to determine what was wrong and to help stop the seizures. She started having upwards to 22 seizures a day, the majority of them while she was sleeping. It's the hardest thing to go through as a parent, watching your child having to through all of the tests, injections, and not being able to make it better and not getting any answers. The doctors were ready to give up on a diagnosis and treatment, only wanting to keep her for another 24 hours. I did some research on my own from the results they gave me and was able to push the doctor's in a direction for them to determine it was Focal Cortical Dysplasia. Basically a fancy way to say a part of her brain developed abnormally. As she was unresponsive to pharmaceuticals and were beginning to look at brain surgery, we sought alternative treatments like cannabinoids. The search lead us to essential oils and how they had been effective in preventing some seizures. The night we introduced the oils, she went from having 20 seizures the previous day to having none. Not just slow them, but stopped having seizures all together, and has not had them since. The medication she was taking and had no response too hadn't been changed. So we've kept her on the medication the doctor sent her home with as well as the oil, and we have been seizure free ever since. She is also back to her normal happy, cheerful, loving self.

    1. WOW, you have been through tons but what a blessing that she has parents who were willing to try whatever was needed to figure this out! I know of a few people who had similar situation with children where the child fell or hit their head and caused similar problems. The bumping of the head (or hard on their tailbone as the pelvis mimics the head/jaw etc) on the wall, floor, car door etc may have caused the problems you have experienced with your daughter.

      Craniosacral therapy fixed their problems by "unwinding" the injury that caused the problem as in the original head trauma. It is interesting to me that your daughter didn't have not have symptoms from the beginning making me wonder if it was some trauma that maybe went unnoticed. The boy I worked on ran into a corner wall while paying "chase" and another one pulled a tv ontop of himself.
      There is a story of an olympic diver that hit the water funny and couldn't dive after that with headaches, dizzy, seizure type incidences until she found cranio-sacral therapy.

      There are people who take one class in this and say they do it but the ones I would suggest are at the Upldeger institute in Florida. I am sure there are thousands of stories all over the internet about good and bad experiences with it but I have seen it work miracles. I don't think it could hurt anything to have her treated while still on her medication. It is kinda like the movie "Horse whisperer" I think is the name where the girl falls on the horse and they have her get on the horse and go through the trauma backwards to help her get over the trauma.

      I use oils daily and diffuse them in my home 24 hours a day. I am VERY grateful that people like you take the time to share what they have been through and give advice as if it doesn't help one, it may help another! I think maybe the reason you found my blog is that if you can get her treated, she may not need the drugs all her life.
      The only way I can describe what they do and how they do it is pretend your family is having a picnic. Everyone gets off the blanket and one person is still sitting or standing on the blanket. If you close your eyes, you can tell where the person is standing on the blanket by how it feels when you pull on the blanket.
      You pull ever so slightly on the fascia in the body doing cranio head holds and you can tell where the trauma is stuck in the persons body. Over and over when I do this to people, they freak out when I can tell them where they have had injuries and where the troubled spots are. Like I said, I wouldn't go to just anyone as not all therapists are created equally.
      People say that they feel "lighter, freer, like a gate opened" and they usually have to "relieve" themselves after as things get unstuck all over the body.

      Pray for guidance about this but truly, I have seen miracles with a good craniosacral therapist.

      Once again, thank you for both of your posts and the time you took. I have, and have used every one of those oils and have a strong testimony that essential oils do heal! I put "Thieves", on guard, Defense" on nightly and use all brands of oils down to ordering bulk for certain oils so I have no problem with any of the companies.

      You may like my youtube videos or my posts on here how to make diffusers super cheap and easy. I use old nebulizers and fish tank pumps to clean out the house super fast if someone is sick etc. Check out my youtube channel or search diffuser in the search box at the bottom of the page. Thanks again and have a BLESSED day!

  4. The oil that we use every night in a diffuser for our daughter is Frankincense, which we buy from DoTerra. But I know there are many different types of oils and blends to treat different ailments. Like infections, sleeping disorders, parasites, dermatitis, etc.
    Some you can rub on your skin, take orally, or use in a diffuser with a carrier oil like coconut oil.

    My thoughts on your particular need would be to use a vaporizer or apply to the bottom of your feet and affected areas with some of the oils known to be effective against other parasites. Like Oregano, Thyme, Fennel, Roman Chamomile, Clove, Melaleuca (Tea Tree), Lavender, Bergamot, Peppermint, Black Walnut, Olive Leaf, Wormwood, and Garlic.

    There are a ton of resources online for different essential oils and their benefits and how to use them.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I'm not in any way sponsored or affiliated with DoTerra, and by no means an expert with the oils but am forever indebted to those who introduced their oils to us.

    I hope that my story and suggestions help you and pray that you, your family and neighbors are able to find a way to be rid of the parasites.

    1. Thank you also for your suggestion to make a page with an easy to read list of things I have tried. I think I will also put a "symptom" page up. You have helped me with your suggestion as I know that it is hard sifting through 100 posts to see what I have tried etc. as I am still working on that page killing them, I have tried LOTS of things! :-) Have a BLESSED Day! I'll say a prayer for your little one. It is so hard to see you children suffer!