Tuesday, February 21, 2017

It Should Be Illegal - A Years Salary for a Months Treatment

Good and yet bad news on the parasite front. I still have people writing me weekly or more asking if I have found a treatment for the Horsehair Nematomorpha Parasite with which I have been diagnosed. 

Basically, I had given up on treatment as I tried for years to get the pharma company that makes Vermox to work with my Dr. and the process would have been humorous had it not been my life on the line. I couldn't get them working together at any point but then all of the sudden, the product is now available in the US again?   

Of course the "Vermox" name is not available but the generic Mebendazole is now available under the "Emverm" name. I have NO idea how it wasn't "Safe" enough before to be used in the US but now under a new name it is available at $300 a pill! Truly, I am so frustrated with the entire thing I don't know what to do. 

Someone online told me that she researched it because she had symptoms and found that mebendazole is now available in the US since October. 

I was SO super excited as that was the only thing that worked before for me but then I couldn't get it after that as it wasn't available in the US anymore. When I took it before, I don't know what size or mg pill I took, I know it was old so I took two of the pills assuming that being over ten years old, the pills wouldn't have the strength they would have had. Not knowing the strength of what I took is now becoming a problem. 

When I found the drug was available, I called my Dr. office and we went back and forth and then what amount to order and how many days and the cost of it and the pharmacies not being able to get that much of the medication and other considerations caused a lapse in the time that I could get the drugs. 

I finally was able to get half a months supply and when I found out that it was more than six months of income for me, I was very sad and disheartened that no one would be able to afford treatment if it does work! It is available overseas for less than $100 for 100 pills! I can't guarantee you are getting what you are paying for but anywhere else in the world, you can clearly find they are no more than a few dollars a pill at the most! How can they justify the costs here if the pills are so cheap anywhere else? It really should be illegal!

I took the prescribed pills daily for about four days and felt absolutely nothing. Now, I am a large woman thanks to this parasite and I don't think that the small amount is doing anything. This is where the amount I took before is a problem. I think the pills were 500 mg pills which is a common treatment dosage from back then for vermox. In fact, my brother sent me a picture from his trip to Mexico of a Vermox pill at 500mg over the counter. So, I think I actually took Two 500mg pills a day for a few days. I need to visit with my Dr. about that but I stopped taking the frustrating pills as I felt like I was wasting $600 a day on nothing as it wasn't working. 

My eyes are getting horrible and they are getting so yellow I look like I have pink eye constantly. I also am not able to see clearly anymore. This happened last time I got a hyper infection and this has been going on since my surgery. I don't want to take anything that may tax my liver unless it is working so after discussing it with my Dr. I think I am going to take 500mg doses for a few days and see if it works as at this point, I feel like I am dying with how bad my lungs have gotten. Before, I NEVER woke up in the middle of the night not able to breathe with the lung burning and tightness and twice this past week I have woken due to not being able to breatheas my lungs were so tight!

I was talking to a neighbor this week and she told me her husband has been waking up with a really tight chest everyday. I spoke with him after that and he got a bit freaked out when I started discussing the symptoms as he has many of them. I could clearly see his wife was freaked out. I rarely talk about it anymore as it just scares people but as you can see in this picture, my eyes are so red I look like I have dark contacts in. 

I need to figure this out soon! I can't take the headaches, choking on my food, gaining weight, not being able to see, waking all night with either worm movements on not being able to breathe and on and on. Truly, I am not being very patient in my long suffering but if something doesn't change, maybe there won't be much longer to suffer! Please pray that we can figure out some way to kill these things off for good!


  1. I'm so sorry for your suffering! Get those 500mg from Mexico and update us!

  2. Thanks for your comments. I am scared to try them as my liver isn't working well and I have yellow eyes. It is a catch 22, the parasites are killing me in areas but the meds kill the liver which kills me. Not sure what to do but sad that they make the medication so hard to get and try. It really should be illegal charging that much for an 8 cents pill!