Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sterling Scholar Late Night - It Is Done

Last week we went on a long drive to do a few things for Princess Five. I mentioned she is working on her sterling scholar. We stopped at a university library to scan pictures of her scrap book for her to use for her Sterling Scholar Portfolio. 
I mention a bit of the frustration with this as I accidentally clicked PDF instead of Jpeg when scanning which caused some problems. In the next two weeks, she has sterling scholar interviews, Region Musical theater, Region Solo Ensemble, her community choir is doing practices as they are leaving for tour in a few weeks and she has an online college class that is halfway completed and she hasn't done one assignment. 

There are a few other things she is working on that she is behind in but writing the song for sterling scholar in Music and practicing it daily has taken up much of her time. 

I really am excited for her as she made up a Disney Medley and it is super cute in my opinion but we have revised it so many times due to thinking it had to be less than three minutes and it was at just under five to begin with. Now, it is down to three and we just found out it can be up to five. 

So frustrating not having thing spelled out clearly in the rules but with that new news, she has adjusted by adding a few lines back in that make it flow better. The problem is that she practices it and gets it down and then it gets changed, practices it and then it gets changed so sometimes she confuses herself.

She has had many late nights editing her "pages" as you can have five pages in the three different categories of Leadership, Service, and Academic. She has worked hard on getting them perfect. I think she has done a good job as when we met with the advisor over Sterling Scholar she seemed quite impressed with everything Princess Five has been involved in and how she combined two pages into one page by using a landscape format and we already had two pages scrap-booked for each event for another scholarship she applied for with HOBY so it was great to already have that done. 

She had a Jr.friend with her when we took the road trip and the girl seemed taken with all the cute scrap book pages but sometimes things happen for a reason and you wonder if it was so the girls could see how they were scrapped and how she did it as she would be a good candidate for next years sterling scholar in Music. 

I will be SO excited to see Princess Five graduate and be done with all the craziness of school. College seems so much more logical in their assignments and things, maybe it is because I am not there seeing them do their assignments but it seems like high school and even Jr. High have so many little projects that involve the parents help. 

It is nearly 2 a.m. and she is still working on getting it ready to send in as each page has to be compacted to upload to the site and she found another essay that no one mentioned in any of the meetings that she needed to write before sending it in. I only needed to scan in a letter of recommendation. One would think that simple task would take me all of 2 minutes tops. NOPE. That project took me nearly an hour! My internet is hating itself today and I need a new printer for sure. I just need to take the time to research which one I want and go get it so that I can work on my mom's stuff. 

Princess Five will compete next week for a spot to represent the region as Music Sterling Scholar. She will play and sing her guitar Disney Medley and hopefully take home another scholarship and some spending cash for her Washington tour in a few weeks! 

Either way, I am proud of all the work she has put into this and I know she will never forget the fun nights we had thinking up songs for the medley and all the "suggestions" that I gave on how to make it better or more enjoyable to watch. She is funny because at times, she snaps at me not to give her advise, but then eventually, she thanks me for my input as she knows it makes it more enjoyable and fun in the end. 

I am really excited to share it with you when she gets it finished. Only the winner gets to perform the night of awards so lets hope she wins so I can get a good video of it to share on here! I think it will make you smile to watch! Good luck Princess Five!

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