Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Princess Four's Current Email from Japan

Dear Family and any other beautiful people who are worried about me not emailing, 

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY!! For some reason my last two emails didn't send. I promise I wrote them and sent them. I am very healthy and very happy. I just don't know how to send things off of my ipad, but ill learn soon! Enjoy this 3 week long email.... sorry about it.... 
This week was AWESOME!! You want to know why? Ill tell you why! So many fun, good, spirit guided things happened! Guess who is staying in her same bean area??? With her same companion?? Its me!!! The two other sisters who came out with me, (Remember my amazing MTC companion Shimai?), They both switched areas and companions.... so that is crazy. I guess I still have someone to find in this city! Yay!! I was able to not teach just one, but two lessons in English. I went on splits while (my amazing comp) Shimai was at a meeting. We learned about tea ceremonies from an investigator in her like 70s who has been investigating the church since she was 16. She asked me to send her letters because she speaks perfect English. She really liked me for some reason and pulled out maps and pictures of our state, and some pictures of her in Portugal. So now I have a Japanese pen pal!

We were going to have a lesson with a woman named (cool investigator) but her grandfather died. She is like 50ish 60ish, and her grandfather just died... How do Asian people live so long? but she canceled, so we got her flowers, and hope to reteach her about the plan of salvation real soon! My companion thinks she will get baptized this transfer, and I believe my companion! Its time to call people to repentance, and baptize converts!!!
The second awesome thing that happened.... When (My amazing comp) shimai was on splits she met a girl. A chinese girl. Who is the most perfect investigator ever!! Her name is Udon! She invited us over for a hot pot yesterday. AKA a mixed pot of deliciousness that you eat all together straight from the pot. She fed us so many vegetables and MEAT! I love meat... Everything here is so expensive, so don't take that for granted America! Before we ate we asked if we could pray. She got so excited and said yes. I prayed, and she loved it. She asked us to teach her how to pray. She is so awesome! After eating for like a solid 2 hours, we played a fun Chinese game with her. I managed to win my first time with matching the cards in the most rare way ever. She has only ever won that way 3 times in her life... She is 28. So that is a good sign. haha She has been going to school for ten years. Shout out to all the engineers out there. But she graduates this year. She told us on the day she met the sisters that everyone at her work didn't drive that day which usually doesn't happen, and that she missed the bus. Which also doesn't usually happen. She had to walk.... and just "happened" to run into the Shimai.... We taught her the first lesson about prophets. it was pretty rockin. 
Right before we left we asked her to pray she said no, but after a little convincing, she did it! It was beautiful! We told her she can pray in Chinese next time. She likes that we give gratitude during our prayers, and things our job as missionaries is awesom.... It sure is Udon. It sure is! Ill let you know when she gets baptized, because it HAS to happen! She is so ready. She wanted a family of 12 when she was younger, even though she grew up in China. She really likes how free America is. We really do have so much freedom there. Also side note, I used my first squatter at her house..... They have those in the homes people..... Give gratitude for your toilets right now please. I used it successfully, and correctly, but it was nerve racking for sure! If you ever travel to Asia... Prepare yourselves....

My life is so good right now though. I was able to talk with my mission president for a while this week which is pretty rare. He is a chiropractor, and told me how to fix my jaw from popping.. You were right mother... I need to stop slouching... He also just gave me some great advice and told me cool stories. I am sad to have him end his calling, but I'm sure the new president, who is American, will be amazing too! 

We also so a bunch of other small miracles too. Like a lost nametag from two transfers ago was found on the church door. We were in the super wrong neighborhood, but met 3 moms picking their kids up from school because of it. We found a mom who invited us back in a few weeks after graduation. We were thinking/talking/heard about Pirates of the Caribbean, Lady Gaga, and my coin finding this week. Random things, but then we found a house with a Jack Sparrow and Lady Gaga poster in the window, and guess who found 10 yen outside their door... They weren't home, but three coincidences like that don't just happen. That family in that apartment  will be baptized, I know it!!! So many small things, but it just goes to show that God loves us!!

Again, I am so sorry about the last two emails. Shout out to everyone who said something about it. You are the best! Let me know ASAP if it happens again. Have a week that is as beautiful as you are!! 


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