Friday, March 24, 2017

Long Week - Uplifting Words

This week has been so long and stressful and isn't quite over. I have had a storm migraine nearly every day or at least part of every day. 

I met with my Dr. today and he ordered lots of tests. I am not sure where things will go as I feel like we have tried anything medical we can with the parasites. I have stuff to share but I am so tired and have more tests in the morning. I hope to be able to post about everything next week. 

I was shopping today and saw both of these quotes and I really liked both of them and each spoke to me in a different way. The top one makes me feel like "nothing I am going through is useless if it lightens the burden of another." I feel like there is a reason I am going through all this with the parasite and health issues. 

The second one gave me clarity that I know all I know, and am who I am, from going through all the trials I have with my children,my mother, my divorce, my own health issues and other struggles.  

I know that I have made a difference in others lives. Tonight, I was at Bunko and we were talking about being friendly to those we don't know. I shared that two of my girls have had someone tell them that they would have committed suicide had my daughters not befriended them. 

One got professional help after we got the parents involved. It was hard at the time as both the kid and the parents were angry with us but later, this persons mother approached me at a store and thanked me. I had never met her in person before that, we had just spoken on the phone. The other was when the child moved to our town in middle school in the middle of the year and was a bit chubby and depressed and another daughter was friendly to him. Now they are good friends and he has done extremely well.

I was thinking of another daughter who befriended a girl that moved in and years later, I went to the girls mother to get my hair cut as my sister recommended her. She asked my name and when she heard it, she got super excited and told me that my daughter had befriended hers when they moved here and every day her daughter would go home and give her a report about how my daughter had been kind to her. They didn't end up being close friends in the end, but it was just enough to make her feel welcome until she made friends that were more like her. 

It was a good reminder today that we do make a difference and our children make a difference and sometimes the trials we go through are not all about us. I do hope that the trials I am going through with my health presently will not only help me but those suffering with the same nightmare who maybe haven't been able to figure out what the problem is for themselves.

Lets pray together that medical science will figure it out soon. I really would like to be able to move on to something other than parasites and my mothers past very soon! 

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